Log Mac Meeting October 31st 2007

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[2007-10-31 14:13:22] <PhilippL> 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[2007-10-31 14:13:28] <PhilippL> anyone new here ?
[2007-10-31 14:13:46] <obr> _Nesshof_:  I think I could. where ?
[2007-10-31 14:14:08] * cloph won't be able to attend the packaging meeting
[2007-10-31 14:14:22] <_Nesshof_> obr, sb will send out an invitation shortly
[2007-10-31 14:15:57] <PhilippL> 2. A few words from Shaun
[2007-10-31 14:16:10] <PhilippL> ok, i added that point on the assumption that he would be here :-)
[2007-10-31 14:16:24] <PhilippL> 3. Current state of the open CWS's
[2007-10-31 14:16:49] <PhilippL> News from macosxquicktime01 (quicktime implementation for the avmedia service)
[2007-10-31 14:17:02] <hdu_hh> pdffix02: opened
[2007-10-31 14:17:18] <PhilippL> Progress is nice, we can see movies in OOo now, thanks to mikesic's outstanding work.
[2007-10-31 14:17:30] <ericb2> clap clap for mikesic  :-)
[2007-10-31 14:17:37] <PhilippL> Maybe we can go RfQ this week or early next week.
[2007-10-31 14:17:52] <hdu_hh> I've seen it, I'm impressed :-)
[2007-10-31 14:18:05] <PhilippL> aquavcl04 is progressing (main point is the testtool here).
[2007-10-31 14:18:36] <PhilippL> macleopardbuild is going RfQ this week it seems.
[2007-10-31 14:18:56] <obr> aqua11y01 is still in a very early stage.
[2007-10-31 14:19:01] <ericb2> PhilippL: indeed: sb accepted the changes
[2007-10-31 14:19:16] <ericb2> PhilippL: say for macleopardbuild
[2007-10-31 14:19:31] <ericb2> PhilippL: but I'm unsure Florian has too much time this week
[2007-10-31 14:20:02] <obr> CWS dmgarchive is in the process of materializing ;-)
[2007-10-31 14:20:17] <PhilippL> obr: what's it going to do ?
[2007-10-31 14:21:07] <obr> integrating .dmg generation into to make_installer magic
[2007-10-31 14:21:38] <PhilippL> any other news ?
[2007-10-31 14:21:38] * cloph fears some breakage....
[2007-10-31 14:21:42] <mav_eric> obr:  this indeed would be "magic" and big progress
[2007-10-31 14:21:46] <cloph> make_installer already is a huge beaset....
[2007-10-31 14:22:18] <PhilippL> 4. Roundtable
[2007-10-31 14:22:59] <obr> cloph: I have the advantage of having the only person who really understands it sitting pretty close to me ;-)
[2007-10-31 14:23:21] <cloph> cloph10 (the one that adds languagepack packaging) is basically waiting for a spec to finish it up, to replace the debug messages with ones that can be presented to the user
[2007-10-31 14:23:21] <PhilippL> The sun build is not done with system libxml as there is a versioning conflict in libxslt which wants a newer version than installed on Tiger.
[2007-10-31 14:23:42] <PhilippL> We will see if this can be worked around in a followup CWS.
[2007-10-31 14:24:52] <cloph> obr: Sure, But I'd rather leave it as seperated as possible... Since when you refactor it, you'll probably have to do the languagepack packaging in the make_installer as well...
[2007-10-31 14:25:28] <cloph> I have another Topic: What milestone to use for a new development-snapshot for the public/when to release a new snapshot.
[2007-10-31 14:25:40] <ericb2> cloph:  +1
[2007-10-31 14:26:00] <ericb2> cloph: once macleopardbuild is incluced ?
[2007-10-31 14:26:01] <cloph> There were lots of Mac-users at the System in Munich who had a look at the current aqua builds and wanted a download link :-)
[2007-10-31 14:26:53] <cloph> This will be the next Master or m237?
[2007-10-31 14:27:27] <cloph> The same languages as last time? (en, fr, de, ja) or more?
[2007-10-31 14:27:58] <mav_eric> yes we should wait for macleopardbuilt to be integrated
[2007-10-31 14:28:05] <ericb2> cloph: 4 locales do represent 95% of the downloads or close
[2007-10-31 14:28:12] <ericb2> mav_eric: indeed
[2007-10-31 14:28:24] <cloph> Big press release style announcement or a silent release? (Will have to inform marketing folks about it/setup enough mirrors before)
[2007-10-31 14:28:30] <ericb2> and macleopardbuild can be integrated very fastly since sb confirmed the changes are ok
[2007-10-31 14:28:42] <mav_eric> I got my hands on a leo yesterday and could play with it a bit and OOo feesl good on it
[2007-10-31 14:29:02] * ericb2 renamed randomly getopt in idlc and in soltools ;)
[2007-10-31 14:31:42] <PhilippL> anything left for the meeting ?
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