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OOo Miniconf at 2008

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The annual (LCA) is one of the major open source events world-wide. The community participated in the Miniconf program in Canberra 2005, in Dunedin NZ in 2006, and in Sydney 2007. The 2008 LCA will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 28 January to 2 February 2008, including Miniconf sessions during the first two days (28-29 January). If you would like to participate in the OOo Miniconf in 2008, please update this article or email (subscribe)


LCA is about Linux, but OOo is for all platforms. There is strong interest and support for OOo among the Linux community, and there is much overlap between the two communities, having a shared interest in free software and open source. The LCA Miniconf is currently the only formal OOo event in our region (Australia/NZ).

The OOo Miniconf includes formal presentations, workshops, Q&A and problem solving.

Time Presenter Topic
Speakers name here Describe the presentation here

Q&A and Demonstrations

Demonstrations, Q&A and problem solving will be responsive to issues raised by vistors or participants in the Miniconf. These sessions will allow for one-on-one or small group problem solving and demonstration of features, for example:

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About Linux Australia

Linux Australia exists to serve and promote the Australian Linux and Open Source community. The organisation aims to do this best by taking enthusiasms within the community, such as FOSS issues, projects, education, advocacy just to name a few, and help them flourish, to succeed. The lifeblood of this organisation is the people in the community, and Linux Australia strives to be both relevant and useful to the community. For more details about Linux Australia visit:

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