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OOo Miniconf at 2007

Miniconf Tuesday 16 January 2007 LCA Miniconf page 
OpenDay Thursday 18 January 2007 LCA OpenDay page

The annual (LCA) is one of the major open source events world-wide. The community participated in the Miniconf program in Canberra 2005, and again in Dunedin NZ in 2006. Now we have been accepted on the program for 2007.

The 2007 LCA will be held in Sydney, Australia from 15th to 20th January 2007.

If you like to participate in the OOo Miniconf on 16th January 2007, please update this article or email (subscribe)


LCA is about Linux, but OOo is for all platforms. There is strong interest and support for OOo among the Linux community, and there is much overlap between the two communities, having a shared interest in free software and open source. The LCA Miniconf is currently the only formal OOo event in our region (Australia/NZ).

The OOo Miniconf includes 4 formal presentations. Informal workshops, Q&A and problem solving will be available at other times through the day. At some time during the program, there may be scope for a group discussion about next steps toward a dedicated OOo event for our region.

Time Presenter Topic
11:00 Michael Carden National Archives of Australia use of OOo as a plugin to their Xena software for conversion of Office formats to ODF for preservation purposes.
11:50 Q&A, demonstrations

Including: JOOReports, the Mobile Office ODF viewer for Symbian devices, and the Palo for OOo Calc MOLAP project.

12:30 Lunch
14:00 Michael Still Experiences of an author preparing a manuscript for publication using OOo
14:30 Leslie Hawthorn Update on Google Summer of Code - OOo Projects
14:50 Jim Watson Using the Software Development Kit
15:30 Afternoon Tea
16:00 Jonathon Coombes Base - using databases in
16:50 Q&A, demonstrations
17:30 Close

Q&A and Demonstrations

Demonstrations, Q&A and problem solving will be responsive to issues raised by vistors or participants in the Miniconf. These sessions will allow for one-on-one or small group problem solving and demonstration of features, for example:

 using styles in Writer
 spreadsheet techniques using Calc
 effective presentations with Impress
 less well known features - database, math, etc

Rules (from LCA Organisers)

The policy for miniconfs signage, sponsorship and merchandise is:

1/ All signage will be supplied by the organisers. So this is basically a no to the posters (promoting a product). Miniconf organisers interested in promoting their projects can approach Pia for space at openday.

2/ Miniconfs in general are not sponsored. Any sponsorship ideas should go through Jeff.

3/ Miniconfs can sell merchandise for the miniconf itself, but not general project merch. E.g: T-Shirt with "Ratpoison -- 2007 - Sydney", would be fine, a Ratpoison branded mouse pad, would not.

There will be one central place for all posters for the duration of the conference.

About 2007 is Australia's annual technical conference for the Open Source and Free Software developer community. Now in its eighth year, is regarded as one of the premier global FLOSS technical events and attracts many international open source software developers and users.

Returning to Sydney from the 15th to 20th of January, 2007 is supported by our Emperor sponsors, HP and IBM, and hosted at the University of New South Wales. For more information about 2007 visit our website at:

About Linux Australia

Linux Australia exists to serve and promote the Australian Linux and Open Source community. The organisation aims to do this best by taking enthusiasms within the community, such as FOSS issues, projects, education, advocacy just to name a few, and help them flourish, to succeed. The lifeblood of this organisation is the people in the community, and Linux Australia strives to be both relevant and useful to the community. For more details about Linux Australia visit:

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