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jsdp2007 Release for OpenOffice.org 2.4


OS File Instructions
Installer Windows jsdp2007_2.4.0.1_OOo_2.4.0_Win32Intel.exe (30.0 MB)
md5sum: ba333faa9fd919d411f899b5db5a71f2
Installation instructions for Windows (in Japanese)
Linux jsdp2007_2.4.0.1_OOo_2.4.0_LinuxIntel.tar.gz (32.7 MB)
md5sum: 77d63303d5f54d9efe4a552da61848f9
Installation instructions for Linux (in Japanese)
Solaris x86/x64 jsdp2007_2.4.0.1_OOo_2.4.0_Solarisx86.tar.gz (31.1 MB)
md5sum: 31d3240dc76495a658da55bf5e3cb2b1
Installation instructions for Solaris x86/x64 (in Japanese)
Source code jsdp2007_2.4.0.1_OOo_2.4.0_src.zip (149 KB)
md5sum: f67debf9eefd2e63a7371b90c8849a1b
Build instructions (in Japanese)
Build instructions for full build (in Japanese)

The installer for Windows is an installer using a Wizard.
The package files for Linux and Solaris x86/x64 are .tar.gz file format, which includes shared library files, resource files, some configuration files, and image files that will replace existing files with them.

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