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This is a possibility to contribute code to the (OOo) project in a manageable, limited area without the need to understand the deep mysteries of office code previously. ;-) May be interesting as a starter for people who have the skills to contribute code but are rather new to OOo.


The office suite is programmable via an API. The API has a reference documentation of all the provided UNO IDL interfaces, structs etc. The reference documentation is created by the tool Autodoc.

To use the API in a concrete development environment it would be preferable to access this documentation out of the prefered development environment of the developer. Currently the created documentation includes an index that provides access to it by the rules of Java documentation. That allows for example NetBeans users to acces the API IDL reference directly from within that IDE via context-sensitive help etc.

For the C++ development environment "Visual .NET IDE" such an integration would be nice to have as well. Though that is no open source product, it is used by quite many developers who may want to develop with the OOo API as well.


Integrating Autodoc generated IDL documentation into the Visual .NET IDE.

To do this, the generated documentation needs to be expanded by some files that match the MS Help 2.0 format (see for information). The data are provided by the Autodoc repository, that means one works within the code of the autodoc module of the OOo CVS, using also the cosv library.

Also the mechanism to compile the generated files and make the documentation visible within the Visual .NET IDE needs to be documented.


  • proficiency in C++ and object oriented programming,
  • curiosity about (or experience in) the framework of contributing to the OOo project,
  • helpful might be some knowledge about the SDK, UNO or IDL.
  • access to a Windows system with the Visual.NET 2003 IDE installed, to be able to test the results (not absolutely necessary, because tests could be done elsewhere, but more satisfying)


  • dev at tools dot openoffice dot org
  • Nikolai
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