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The development framework the main site runs on has been upgraded from CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE) 3.5.1 to CEE 4.5.2.


All services are available and working fine.

A changed behaviour of cvs rdiff leads to problems with CWS tools cwsanalyse and cwsresync.
#i76821# - tools: cwsresync after site upgrade

anoncvs is not yet in sync with the master repository.


  • Production Upgrade: 4/30/07 17:00 UTC
  • Date Range for Production Deployment: 4/18/07 – 4/24/07.
  • Test Stage Site: 3/28/07 – 4/10/07

Release Notes

Please review the full version of the CollabNet Enterprise Edition version:

Production Upgrade

The Production Upgrade is planned for Monday 2007-04-30 starting 17:00 UTC. The overall process will take about 48 hours. The site will be unavailable for more than 24 hours. During this time a placeholder page will be installed.

Configuration and Testing

Tuesday night (UTC) the upgraded site running CEE 4.5.2 will be back. A Broadcast message will inform users that the upgrade is not yet finished.

Post Upgrade Tasks

  • Test cvsup
  • Enable cvsupd
  • Run cvsup (crontabs anoncvs, so-cvsup)
  • Enable Issue Feed
  • cleanup cvs repository
  • apply domain-wide allowed-posters list
  • remove password tickets (see #i76825#)
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