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This database is one I started purely for myself and primarily just to explore.

The database simply allows me to store a collection of image files.

The schema is currently:

ImagCateglogue schema 1.png

The database consists of one form, one dialog and a basic library. The current form is:

ImagCatelogue Form 1.png

The dialog is called when the 'Load Image' button is selected.

ImagCatelogue Dialog 1.png

Now in actuality I spent most of my time with this database not working on storing images, or the like, but rather using configuration information of my own between sessions. The basic library routines are used to keep track of many current settings.( The choices on the dialog, the view settings on the main form, the filter settings on main form between database sessions ) Mostly I was trying to understand scoping with the basic scripting language, passing structures between modules and such things.

The schema has only two types of relationships, 1 to 1 and 1 to Many.

A few of the controls never where implemented. ( The background settings and the routine to extract the image size - currently it shows the storage space used by the BLOB, but that is not actually the same as image size )


If one went forward with this databse there are few things that seem natural to me.

  • Extend the schema to support logical grouping of images.
    • For example one might have a logical image called LOGO and have physical iamges of LOGO_LG.PNG, LOGO_SM.PNG, LOGO_LG.TIFF, LOGO_SM.TIFF )
  • Create an add-on toolbar, menu and support routines to aid in finding and using an image in other OO.o documents.
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