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Apache OpenOffice project uses IRC for direct and immediate online communication. Please see google calendar for schedules.

IRC Network

Since June 2021 we changed to (

#openoffice Generic channel, please use this for all questions related to Apache OpenOffice
#openoffice-de Channel to meet germanophone speaking people from project Apache OpenOffice

Freenode (

Documentation caution.png !!! This channel is deprecated !!! Users and generic channel, please use this for questions related to OOo usage Channel for developers discussing building and extending Specifications and development processes QA channel
#ooo-api API channel related to API programming, SDK, developer documentation (formerly Chart2 channel
#ooonlc Native Language Talk Room
#debian-oo Debian OO.o packaging channel (This is now on Germanophone channel Italian channel Polish channel Chinese channel Czech channel (serves also Slovak users) Estonian channel Francophone channel Dutch channel Russian channel
#OOoES Spanish Channel Brazilian Channel Germanophone channel to help with the Base-Modul of
#ooo_macport Native Mac OS X (Aqua) port of developer channel
#ooo-ext Extensions channel User Experience channel
#odftoolkit ODF Toolkit channel (discussing strategies, next steps, ...) Education Project channel (everything about Education project, ...) Documentation Project channel

IRC Network: HanIRC (

#openoffice Korean channel

IRC info

  /join #new-channel-oo
  /msg chanserv register #new-channel-oo [password]
  /msg chanserv access #new-channel-oo add [who_should_autoop_there_1] [level]
  /msg chanserv access #new-channel-oo add [who_should_autoop_there_2_and_more] [level]
  /msg chanserv set #new-channel-oo guard on
  /msg chanserv level #new-channel set autoop [level-for-autoop]

Who is Who?

A list of people & accounts is available: DomainDeveloper

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