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HitekSchool is a Vancouver (Canada) based computer institution which teaches its students all necessary techniques, methodologies and tools they need to know to build a successful career as a Software Tester. Those students who participate in the OOo QA internship, are corresponding to the free and open mentoring program of OOo: QA-Reloaded-HowToStart - and publish this way their experience and outcomes to share them with the OO community.

General Agreements:

OOo QA train the students coming from the Hitek School in general OOo QA work inside an internship project. The single groups were leaded by Group Leader from Hitek School, supported and mentored by OOo QA Team Leads. Usually the general course take 5-8 weeks, with an individual project taking 1-3 month. The attendees log their work on their 'calling cards' on OOo Wiki, which they can further use for future job applications, references etc. and also get a certificate with a short comment from the supervising Team Lead. The course is honorary, free and open and the resulting work get into the property of OOo and will be published under the corresponding OOo reights.

HitekSchool participation in OpenOffice QA: concept

There will be 2 groups of Hitek School students, each lead by a Group Leader (GL). The GL-s will be responsible for the training of their group members to use OOo tools using the HitekSchool category WIKI pages developed specifically for this ocasion. The WIKI page should be corrected by the GL-s within this process to be more useful and user friendly as per students feedback to them. After all the students get comfortable with the OOo tool kit, every group will get it's own application (or even part of it) for a detailed manual testing. GL’s role on this stage would be to divide the group area of testing to individual projects for every student. After that everyone will perform manual testing of his part in accordance with the OO specifications if such exist for the specific area. All the issues will be reported, handled and analyzed by the students themselves with weekly reporting of the progress to their GLs, who supposed to follow their performance on weekly basis. Such way every student will get his/her hands on experience in the manual testing of Open Office using OOo tooling on one side and the specific area of the OO will be carefully manually tested on another. Interested students will get familiar with the OOo automation tools and get their experience in automated testing of their TCS-s, but it will not be obligatory.

Participants of the project.

Some general statements for the OOo QA internship participants:

  1. Objectives of Internship
    • Contribute to OOo QA process
    • Develop new skills and gain useful work experience
    • Combine academic knowledge with hands on skills
  1. Timeframe
    • 2-6 months

Participating groups:

Group 1 with GL (Group Lead): Oleg Rodov
Group 2: with GL (Group Lead): Natalia Polioudova

New project participants can download and install free the current version of OpenOffice.org for their system from Download Page and make familiar with its applications. We suggest to start your acquaintance with the OOo QA project from detailed Initial Steps. If you do not came further with anything, you can ask us any time, but always try the 'wiki - OO info sites - mailing list ' first. If you still have a question, several people probably may have the same problem, too .. So, please, send your hints or comments which can help next newcomers to Natalia Polioudova or Oleg Rodov to have them integrated into this check-list.

Autors: Oleg Rodov, Natalia Polioudova (concepted by Christoph Lukasiak) 28 December 2008

Please do not change the logical content of this site without acknowledge of the author or the OOo QA Project Lead/Co-Leads.

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