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The Wiki makes use of subpages to group pages of common topics together. To do this there are some page naming conventions you can use to make sure new and existing pages are grouped together.

The Wiki pages in the various languages found on the Wiki are being grouped under the base page for each language. For example, the French language pages are found under FR. The French Documentation is a subpage of the FR page and found at FR/Documentation. This pattern is the same in other languages such as Japanese at JA, Spanish at ES, German at DE and so on.

Documentation note.png Some language groups are not yet structured this way, but work is underway to move the pages into this page naming structure

There are many advantages to using this subpage naming structure, including:

  • A breadcrumb is automatically created at the top of each subpage
  • All pages on a particular topic are found in one place
    • This is especially helpful for searching. You can use this feature to create Google searches that search only a specific topic or a within pages of a specific language.
  • You can set a "watch" on a page and all of its subpages
  • Wiki maintenance is simplified

When I create a new page, what page name should I use?

When you create a new page, make sure you include the subpage structure for the topic in the page name. For example if you create a new page detailing a new binary specification for UNO called NewSpecName, you should name it Uno/Binary/Spec/NewSpecName. This will ensure it is grouped in the right subpage for the topic.

When I translate a page, what page name should I use?

When you translate a page you should follow the same basic principles of creating a new page.

Translated pages should be grouped with their languages. For example if you translate a page called DevGuidePage in the Developers Guide into German, the page name would be DE/Documentation/DevGuide/DevGuidePage, following the same page naming structure, and prefixing it with the ISO language code.

Should I translate the page name too? or leave it in the original language?

This depends on the page. In some cases you can translate the page name and in others it's better to leave the page name in the original language and localize the Page title using {{DISPLAYTITLE:Localised title}}.

Translations of the Developer's Guide, Administration Guide and Basic Guide should always retain the exact same page name for all translations. Each translated page only differs in name by the ISO Language code that prefixes the page name.

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