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This is Chapter 15 of Getting Started with 2.x (Third edition), produced by the OOoAuthors group. A PDF of this chapter is available from the OOoAuthors Guides page at

What is Fontwork?

With Fontwork you can create graphical text art objects for making your work more attractive. There are many different settings for text art objects (line, area, position, size, and more), so you have a large choice. You will surely find one that fits your document.

Fontwork is available with each component of (OOo), but you will notice small differences in the way that each component displays it.

The Fontwork toolbars

You can use two different toolbars for creating and editing a Fontwork object.

  • Go to View > Toolbars > Fontwork.
Figure 1: The floating Fontwork toolbar.
  • If you click on an existing Fontwork object, the Formatting toolbar changes to display the Fontwork options as in Figure 2. The contents of this toolbar vary depending on the OOo component.
Figure 2: (Bottom row) The Formatting toolbar in Writer when a Fontwork object is selected.
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