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Language Selection Statusbar Control

This is a Google Summer Of Code project which will provide the community the language selection status bar control. It's planned that the feature will be part of 2.4.


Currently doesn't provide an easy way to change the language of a word, paragraph or text selection within the Writer application. The user has to use the menu and a multi-tab dialog to choose the appropriate language. A status bar control which provides this function would greatly enhance usability for people who have to work with multiple language documents.


We have a final specification for this feature from the User Experience team. You can find the final specification here. For the Google Summer Of Code project only a subset will be implemented (status bar control only).


Some mockups from the specification can be seen below to have a better understanding about the feature.

Statusbar Language Control.PNG

Statusbar Language Control MultipleLanguages.PNG

Statusbar Language Control Context Menu.PNG

Test Documents

Some test documents for the status bar control and/or language guessing. In the larger one the language is usually set wrong in order to test language guessing though. To test language guessing just right click on a wrong word and see the entry for the paragraph language.

Project plan

Task Plan Time Percent Complete
Setup the development environment 7 days 100%
Read and understand UNO API documentation 5 days 100%
Create and understand the status bar control skeleton 3 days 100 %
Add the language specific status bar item 4 days 100 %
Add the language selection context menu 4 days 100 %
Create a status slot to query for the language 4 days 100 %
Change the language 3-10 days 100 %
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