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Upcoming OpenOffice.org versions

Features planned for OOo 3.3 (Third quarter 2010)

release motto "Fit and Trim", please also see Feature_Freeze_Testing_3.3 and Feature Overview

  • Writer
    • Compare documents also compares tables
    • FindBar: Additional toolbar which provides basic search functions.
  • Calc
    • Improve performance associated with row limit increase
    • Allow setting custom colors to sheet tabs in Calc.(cws calctabcolor)
  • Impress
    • Step back slideshow animations
  • Base
  • Math
    • Baseline alignment of formulas in starmath module (?)
  • Internal
    • switch to a distributed SCM
    • modularization of the build system

Features planned for OOo next

  • Overall
    • removal of old StarOffice binary filters (*.sdw, *.sdc, *.sdd)
    • SVG Import (cws ka102)
  • Calc
    • New spreadsheet functions and parameters according to ODFF (cws calcishmakkica)
    • Initial implementation of xlsx export filter (cws ooxml07)
  • Base
    • Upgrade of hsqldb from version 1.8 to 2.0 (cws hsqldb19)

Features planned for OOo 3.x

  • Overall
    • XForms Enhancements
    • XHTML import filter (?)
  • Writer
    • Possibility to rotate images in Writer

Roadmaps elsewhere

OpenOffice.org roadmap


Project-Specific Wiki-Pages


See also the Calc Usability Activities page on this wiki.

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