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Features for 3.0 Release (mid-October 2008)


Performance Improvements

  • Drawing Engine


  • new Notes2 module for displaying notes in the margins
  • Office 12 (.docx) import filter
  • ODF documents' metadata editor
  • Preview of hyperlinks inside the document




For end users

For developers

  • API enhancements
  • GUI enhancements - The GUI should be redesigned to get a more modern look. A good guideline is the new IBM Lotus Symphony that uses dynamic panels. This is better than MS Office's "ribbon", at least for documents, because it saves space on the top (normally documents are vertical).
  • Option page


  • Better VBA? [1]
  • Windows_Vista Enhancements:
    • new File Dialog
    • visualization of Meta data in Explorer
  • Web services
    • Web Services wizard?
  • OpenOffice.org Repackaging
    • Repackaging step one [2]
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