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OOo Extensions project

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Extensions on the main site

Extensions in other languages:
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This page lists the features and development steps of the Extensions Website

  • PhP
  • mySQL
  • graphic arts needed
  • goal : thunderbird-like repository
  • legal issue : what do we accept in the OOo repository ? i would say any FREE (in sence of free speech) compatible licensing
  • storage : do we host all ? hosting ensures availabilty but may be related to legal issue
  • repository structure : 3 structure level per repository
    • Repository Name : so can handle different sources
      • wild : not tested
      • tested : code audited for basic flaws
      • approved : QA done (if any) by OOo project

Names can be changes - external repositories may start only with wild category

  • authentification : who uploads ? based on CollabNet names ? by project maintainer ? I would say wild by anyone, other by OOo project
  • metadatas / database schema : What kind of metadatas do we have to store ?
    • Name, URL (if external), filename, version
    • Localized
    • Category
    • Licence
    • OOo needed Version
    • Description (localization)
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