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Code layout and tools

  • decide code/directories layout before commiting first code, because CVS does not allow moving files [DONE]
  • decide Java package names (proposal: org.openoffice.extensions.creativecommons as base package name) [DONE]
  • decide which tools to use (netbeans? eclipse? ant?) [DONE]
    • Ant
    • eclipse can use the Ant build file

Creative Commons web api

  • first implementation is working
  • TODO: add caching if no network available
    • save LicenseSet object as XML in home directory and reload it from saved

License selection dialog

  • to be implemented

License metadata integration

  • where to put license metadata in ODF?
  • license metadata export to other formats (.doc, .pdf)

License information display

  • should we add a new "special field" (like date...) that can be added in the document and that contains licensing information
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