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16 june 2007

  • first version of the license selection dialog works !!!
  • one issue to solve: inclusion of external jars in the UNO package does not seem to work (exceptions when loading the package)

09 june 2007

  • ant based extension works
  • commited first version of the CC extension
  • unfortunately, discovered that an add-on does not need an IDL and that the IDL part is useless
  • added entry in the Add-Ons menu, with a sub-menu
  • the extension with menu items works, however, OpenOffice seems to crash when quitting if the extension is loaded
  • next steps:
    • make a license selection dialog
    • fill this dialog with the informations coming from the CC API
    • save the licensing information in ODF document

08 june 2007

  • first OO.o extension building with ant

04 june 2007

  • initial commit of cc-api/
  • cc-api builds with ant and runs
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