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OOo Extensions project

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Extensions on the main site

Extensions in other languages:
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Outdated! See Checklist for Writing Extensions.

Note the following points when creating an extension:

  1. Should your extension be named .oxt or .uno.pkg? See .oxt, .uno.pkg, .zip.
  2. Give your extension a unique identifier. See Extension Identifiers, unopkg, pkgchk for more information. Use the reversed DNS name of a site you control (and not "org.openoffice.") to prefix the unique identifier of your extension.
  3. Give your extension a version. See Extension Version Handling for more information.
  4. Specify the dependencies of your extension. See Extension Dependencies, Minimal Support for Extension Dependencies and Extension Dependency OpenOffice.org-minimal-version for more information.
  5. Optionally add a license to your extension. See Simple License for Extensions for more information.
  6. Optionally allow for the online update of future versions of your extension. See Online Update for Extensions for more information. Also read Creating update information for extensions.
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