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Improvement of provided extensions

The review of the provided extensions is currently a simple process: If somebody finds something unusual to an extension, the 'report abuse here' link is used and the comment reviewed and acted on by a few people. During the last days some groups formed, that do a closer look on the provided extensions, defined on thier own processes:

only in german, target is to take a closer look on some extension regarding the quality based on defined criteria

Overview of available licenses

You have to categorise your extension in one of the following license categories:

  • Opensource
  • Freeware
  • Shareware
  • Commercial

Licenses fields

In addition you may provide detailed license data with:

  • License link as URL, which is shown as the word 'License' with the link in the extension presentation.
  • License text: provide the whole text, which is also shown as the word 'License' with a link that goes to a page, showing the text
  • Link to the source code

We gave the extension provider the freedom to provide a license, it is the task of the submitter to put in the value. We decided to not provide a list of possible licenses due to the fact that it will never be complete, and would cost too much maintainance work.

Overview of available listings


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