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(10:02:21) mdamboldt: Hi
(10:03:18) mdamboldt: Is todays meeting taking place?
(10:05:32) b_osi: if you start it :-)
(10:09:05) lgodard [n=lgodard@vor38-1-88-166-245-164.fbx.proxad.net] hat den Raum betreten.
(10:09:05) Modus (+o lgodard ) von ChanServ
(10:11:26) mdamboldt: Ok, seems most of the people are still on vacation.
(10:11:50) mdamboldt: There was on action item for b_osi: "2_2007-10-04: Provide infrastructure for localization of static content"
(10:11:50) mdamboldt: Any update on this?
(10:12:00) lgodard: hi martin
(10:12:15) lgodard: hum, ask jsc i guesse
(10:12:51) mdamboldt: lgodard: I thinks jsc is still on vacation.
(10:13:04) b_osi: mdamboldt: kind of, german translators were busy with translating OOo, so when they finished I would like to try with them.
(10:13:28) mdamboldt: b_osi: Thanks for the update.
(10:14:12) mdamboldt: Since I just returned from vacation today, I'm not up to speed with mails and mailinglists.
(10:14:12) mdamboldt: Is there any thing you want to raise here today?
(10:14:39) b_osi: nothing from me.
(10:15:35) mdamboldt: lgodard: ?
(10:16:21) lgodard: mdamboldt: nothing for the moment
(10:17:23) mdamboldt: Ok, than thats it for todays meeting.
(10:17:23) mdamboldt: I wish you all a happy new year!
(10:17:23) mdamboldt: Talk to you on the lists of latest in next meeting.
(10:17:23) mdamboldt: bye
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