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This page is archived for historical reasons only. It is no longer maintained and information may not be current.

Test Plan for Testplan for switching compiler from .net 2003 to Express 2005

This will test the introduction of the Express 2005 compiler with the Windows Vista SDK. This is only a port. No functional or UI changes have been made. The complete modul testing is requested.


  • QA Rep: MSC
  • port owner: OBO
  • Tests are based on src680m229
  • Full installation set and patch have to be available

Test strategy

  • On each platform full installation and patch have to be tested
  • Also Extensions have to be tested. Extensions that have been build with the old compiler have to be tested with the new Office. Extensions build with the new compiler have to be tested on the old Office.
  • Due to technical limitations we can't run all tests on Windows 98
  • Even with the technical limitations we should try to test on WinME and Win2000
  • WinXP and Vista are mandatory


  • No fix date, nevertheless ASAP


Test Matrix Office

OS ISO 12 Level 0 Base Calc/Chart Framework Graphics Math Writer XML
Win 98 en_us No No No No No No No
Win ME en_us No
Win 2000 en_us No
Win XP en_us No
Win Vista en_us No

Test Matrix Extensions

Office Old Extension 1 Old Extension 2 Old Extension 3 New Extension 1 New Extension 2 New Extension 3
old Office No No No
old Office w. new patch
new Office



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