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Education websiteconcept


We like to redesign the project page located on For a good redesign, we need a good concept. On this site we will create a overview over the work. The concept count four sub categories

  • Overall informations
  • Style informations (CSS)
  • Page Structure (Menu submenu)
  • content informations

All of this concept is proposal, everyone can help. Thats the reason that I write all in the wiki. For discussions about the Concept, please use the mailing list. Please be patiently at the biginning. The webdeveloping team of the education project is new. We need first find a way to a good collaboration. But we are happy to help in this project

Nicolas and Raphael

Overall informations

Technical informations

Server Hosting

  • Webserver: Collabnet Server without any server side script language (Suport Collabnet SSI?)
  • Service Server: SUN Server with PHP/MySQL (not sure I talk about with Stefan (st) from SUN)
  • Testserver1: Only a subdirectory on the colabnet server named /test/
  • Other testservers: Private testservers from Nicolas and me. I have one with PHP and MySQL Nicolas too.

Scripting Languages

  • For the website: HTML, CSS, JavaScript(DOM)
  • For the Service: HTML, CSS, JavaScript(DOM)(if we use it), PHP, MySQL

Languages Main language: English Other languages: French, German


  • Quality Sassurance: Raphael
  • Outfit: Nicolas
  • Grafic part: wooz (?)
  • English content: all
  • French content: Nicolas, other are welcome.
  • German content: Raphael, other are welcome.

Note: Every site has one ore more responible persons. This persons are entry in the content concept If we create a service, Nicolas and me (Raphael) are the responsible persons.

Style informations (CSS)

The International Styleguide you can find [here]

On this place we put all impornt Style Sheet informations.

Content Concept

This list is not completed. If you have other ideas, pleas add it.

File Name Description Responsible
index.html All the important informations about the project. Links to the localized parts, mission statement and main links in english WebTeam
news.html Important news from the localized education projects, News from or FOSS who are important for the education Project Issue 84860
memberlist.html A list about the member of the education project with a profile of the listed persons rbircher
sponsors.html On this site we put the sponsors
partners.html List of partner. Scools, University etc. who collaborate with us
library.html Books, tools, dokumentation, etc. WebTeam
workboard.html A site who we put the free work at OOo. Interested Students can find easyer a work on OOo. WebTeam

FYI: With WebTeam I mean the Education Webteam.

Issues for the Redesign

Issue 84160 General issue for the Site Design

Content (draft )

Proposed by ericb ( *first level* ONLY )

Two parts one on Top , one on bottom


1) First (TOP) part of the page :


3 Big buttons,

Top : for Teachers and Students Middle : Tools Bottom : for Developers


In the center of the page : a nice background representing Education ( some ceremony or something about diplomaes )

On top of the background, the possibility to click for display the same page, (e.g. little flags) localized in fr / de / ... (add other )


superposed tabs for :

Top: Last News Middle: Donate 3rd: Join the project Bottom: The Team


2) Second (Bottom) part of the page :


Top :

Mission of Education project : plain text (the current one )

Middle :

Links for :

Sponsors Success stories Contributors blogs FAQ

Bottom  :

Legal mentions, plan of the site .. etc


My references are :

1) Apple : , support but other tabs are interesting

2) Mozilla Europe : and english :

3) Francophone project : Note: the Education entry is an alien, and should be on Education site, not on project.

4) MacGeneration:

design proposals

  • my first proposal for website (Nicolas)
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