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[10:23] <ericb2> let's start

[10:23] <ericb2> Twarz: Kidd ok ?

[10:24] <Twarz> Okay for me

[10:24] <ericb2> Point 1 : Make a point about work in progress

[10:24] <ericb2> can you remind me both where / what you did build and what is on air ?

[10:25] <ericb2> Kidd: ping ?

[10:26] <Twarz> On my side : first build on Linux at school, second build here almost over (last problem regarding languages at the very end of the build, it shouldn't take long to correct), attempt to build on Sugar on a Stick, which failed most probably beacause I had to use an external hard drive to compile the source. I'll soon receive an unused to drive on which I'll put everything so it should be fine

[10:27] <ericb2> Twarz: ok

[10:28] <ericb2> Twarz: the external hard disk was an USB key ?

[10:28] <ericb2> Twarz: when do you expect to receive this disk ?

[10:30] <Twarz> ericb2: I should receive theis drive during the day. For my first attempt, I had Sugar on a Stick on a 4Bg usb flash drive, and use a 500Gb usb external drive to stock the sources. The build always failed for the module boost. I tried to copy this particular module directly on the 4Gb key to build it, unfortunately each time I tried Sugar freezed, so I let go of this idea [10:31] <ericb2> Twarz: did you ask for help on the channel ?

[10:32] <ericb2> Twarz: I never tested sugar, but I think that if you install Sugar, your problem should vanish

[10:33] <Twarz> ericb2: I didn't for this particular problem, no... Well I supposed it was mostly a hardware problem so I didn't want to feel completely unrelated.

[10:33] <ericb2> Twarz: you can ask such questions on

[10:34] <ericb2> Twarz: finally, the result is: you didn't succeed yet, building OOo4Kids on Sugar

[10:34] * Kidd has quit (Success)

[10:34] <Twarz> ericb2: Yes, I was looking for a complete install of Sugar (in fact, SoaS is really not reliable, for example each time I restarted my computer I also had to re-download every packet, which is quite annoying)

[10:34] * ericb2 forgot to say : I'll forward the meeting to Julien

[10:34] <ericb2> and Pierre

[10:35] <Twarz> ericb2: unfortunately no, but I'll focus on it as soon as 'll get this disk

[10:35] <ericb2> Twarz: noticed

[10:35] * Kidd ( has joined

[10:35] <ericb2> Kidd: ping ?

[10:36] <ericb2> Twarz: Abdel is not there, and we cannot have his status :/

[10:36] <Twarz> ericb2: I'll try to call him

[10:36] <ericb2> Twarz: thanks

[10:37] <ericb2> Twarz: to be honest, this is urgent to make a point, and define more correctly the objectives, and ... make some progress

[10:37] <Kidd> ericb2: my ping seems pretty rude

[10:37] <ericb2> Kidd: looks like

[10:37] Kamots|Away Kidd

[10:37] <ericb2> Kidd: the meeting is already started, sorry

[10:37] Usage: MSG <nick> <message>, sends a private message

[10:37] >Kidd<

[10:37] * [Kidd] is away (repas)

[10:38] Kamots|Away Kidd

[10:38] <ericb2> Kidd: and you are marked as away

[10:38] <ericb2> Kidd: as I said, I'll forward the meeting log to Julien Ballet

[10:41] <ericb2> Twarz: let's continue

[10:41] <Twarz> Sure

[10:42] <ericb2> Twarz: who documented the gdb use ?

[10:42] <ericb2> Twarz: I think this is not really enough, and this must be improved

[10:43] <Twarz> ericb2: I mostly did (sorry again for the Ericb 09:07, 5 August 2009 (UTC), we didn't know about it in the beginning), but Abdel tried some things too

[10:43] <ericb2> Twarz: well, I think a lot is missing. We'll see when we'll trace together

[10:44] <Twarz> ericb2: I did not managa my time well, I jumped from gdb to Sugar to my ow build at home. I'm really sorry about that

[10:44] <ericb2> Twarz: ok. Please think that notice everything you do, every day, will help you to progress

[10:45] <ericb2> Twarz: and organize yourself, else the time will miss you fastly

[10:46] <Twarz> ericb2: understood. Once again I'm really sorry, I do feel like I wasted my time...

[10:46] <ericb2> Twarz: the remark is the same for Kidd  ;)

[10:46] <ericb2> Twarz: to complete the point, I think I cannot validate the current documentation

[10:47] <ericb2> Twarz: will do once it will be more easy to read (please add colors e.g. )

[10:47] <Twarz> ericb2: I understand. I'm still not used to editing a wiki page to be honest

[10:48] <ericb2> Twarz: ok. If you need help : just ask, we are there for that

[10:48] <Twarz> understood

[10:48] <ericb2> To complete the point 2 : action items are not ok, and will be verified next meeting

[10:48] <ericb2> Point 3

[10:48] <ericb2> About the Wiki page

[10:49] <ericb2> As discussed, Ok, but no regularity , and not enough of information : missing dates, missing signatures

[10:49] <ericb2> so the need is to improve the organisation, and the results presentation

[10:49] <ericb2> Twarz: can we agree to have a meeting next week ?

[10:50] <Twarz> ericb2: sure

[10:50] <ericb2> Twarz: say wednesday 12th August, same hour (around 10h CEST i.e. Paris hour)

[10:50] <ericb2> 2009 of course :)

[10:50] <Twarz> I guess so :p

[10:51] <ericb2> for the next week, I propose the following tasks :

[10:51] <ericb2> - create a new wiki page for the IRC meetings

[10:51] <ericb2> - create misc pages for the documentation (Valgrind use .. and so on elsewhere)

[10:52] <ericb2> Twarz: I propose to use the OOo4Kids wiki for the Valgrind use

[10:52] <Twarz> Okay

[10:53] <ericb2> Twarz: you'll need to create an account on it ( 5 minutes), but thus, you'll be more easy, means, less stress over there

[10:53] <ericb2> Point 4 : misc questions

[10:53] <Twarz> ericb2: both abdel and I normally have an account on the wiki already, so it's fine

[10:54] <ericb2> Twarz: do you have questions ?

[10:54] * Kidd has quit (Connection timed out)

[10:54] <Twarz> ericb2: Yes, mostly regardin the use of valgrind, in fact

[10:54] <Twarz> ericb2: In order to produce a usefull documentation

[10:55] <ericb2> Twarz: what is the problem ?

[10:55] * Kidd ( has joined

[10:56] <Twarz> ericb2: this year, we used valgrind for only one thing : checking the memory leaks on very short programs, using only the "--leak-check=yes" and "--show-reachable=yes"

[10:56] <ericb2> Twarz: so do the same : will be enough

[10:57] <ericb2> Twarz: this means, take the time to understand, and become handy with it, reading the logs and so on

[10:57] <Twarz> ericb2: Oh, okay then

[10:57] <ericb2> Twarz: we'll firstly concentrate on gdb first

[10:57] <Twarz> ericb2: understood

[10:57] <ericb2> Twarz: and once gdb will no longer answer our needs, we'll change for valgrind

[10:57] <Twarz> ericb2: okay

[10:57] * ericb2 will need to reinstall a Linux in meantime

[10:58] <ericb2> Twarz: I got a lot to show, and you'll have a lot to do, using gdb

[10:59] <Twarz> ericb2: okay

[10:59] <ericb2> Twarz: I think you have enough of work until next week, don't you ?

[11:00] <ericb2> Kidd: Twarz if you don't have further question, let's consider the meeting as over

[11:00] <Twarz> ericb2: I do. I'm not satisfied with what I've done this week so I'll try to work twice as much to try and compensate

[11:01] <Twarz> ericb2: for now it's okay, I'll directly ask you if I have any problem

[11:01] <ericb2> Twarz: don't forget the essential : work regularly

[11:01] <ericb2> Twarz: and don't hesitate to ask if you have questions

[11:01] <ericb2> Twarz: thorsten, cbosdonnat and b_michaelsen are far better than me, and can answer a lot of questions too

[11:02] <Twarz> ericb2: understood

[11:03] <ericb2> great :)

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