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=> Current work in Progress (what students are doing at the moment)


  • create a planning
  • create a Gantt diagram
  • create Valgrind use with and assimilated documentation
  • create school cases

Phase 1 : preliminary

  • Install the tools
  • Compile
  • Then compile OOo4Kids
  • Document Valgrind and gdb use and tracing

Phase 2 "Sugarisation"

  • Present Sugar (and document what is important in the study)
  • Adapt OOo4Kids to the XO machines, and to the Sugar OS
  • Describe the specs to transform an single application in an installable application, everything under Sugar (packaging, tools, to do)

Phase 3 Profiling ( working on OOo4Kids only)

  • Present Valgrind (on Linux)
  • Present some examples of Valgrind use
  • Improve the speed of the software regarding its perfs ( cold startup, precise trace at execution time ... and so on)
  • Application to OOo4Kids : based on a case study where 100% of load is measured at opening, present at least one measurable improvement per students. Better: if the changes can be backported to OOo.

Tools : gdb, gcc , g++ , Valgrind

Phase 4 UI

3) Work on improve the UI

  • User Interface discovery
  • describe how menus work, same for toolbars

Objective : one validated, or defined in a spec, improvement per student is expected.

Example : add a password in the prefs, to avoid children modifying everything

Report : made continuously, this ddocument must be made in english.

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