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Meeting Data

  • Date: 28th August 2008
  • Location: IRC channel #education,

Action Items

  • define tests for QA: Pierre
  • [DONE, status = planned] create moz2seamonkey01 cws : Eric
  • [DONE] tell Pierre how to submit SSH key to Eric
  • submit SSH key: Pierre
  • ensure CVS commit access for Pierre: Frank
  • commit all changes so far to CWS moz2seamonkey01: Pierre
  • check building on Windows: Frank
  • check building on Linux: Pierre
  • check building on MacOS X: Eric
  • ask for input from other builders/porters in / (later): Pierre


FIXME: improve the look ...

[10:05] * ericb2 ready too.

[10:05] <FrankS> mano: ah, thanks

[10:06] <FrankS> mano: I suggest you drive this meeting, since you know best what you want to talk about

[10:06] <ericb2> FrankS: +1

[10:06] <mano> ok

[10:06] <ericb2> mano: shoot :-)

[10:06] <FrankS> ouch

[10:07] <mano> The goal of the misson is to replace mozilla 1.7.5 sources, with seamonkey 1.1.11 sources in the moz module.

[10:07] <mano> to do this we fixed some objectives

[10:08] <mano> 1) Get a basic patch, with all hunks which are already stable

[10:08] <mano> 2) Apply the changes progressively, to get a complete patch

[10:09] <mano> 3) Modify some configuration files to get and check the new src

[10:09] <mano> 4)Propose patch to commit the changes in several cws, to verify the portability and that crashes are fixed

[10:10] <mano> at the moment I have got a complete patch (miss 3 unfounded files)

[10:11] <mano> there are a Makefile from calendar, and nsAbLDAPProperties.cpp with the header

[10:12] <mano> and there is one another hunk with which I am not sur what to do (about cygwin-wrapper)

[10:12] <ericb2> mano: cygwin is Windows specific

[10:12] <FrankS> mano: about nsAbLDAPProperties.*

[10:13] <FrankS> they contained classes for mapping LDAP attributes to address book fields

[10:13] <mano> ericb2, yes maybe it the reason why I don't know what to do with it :)

[10:13] <FrankS> (such as: which LDAP addtribute is to be mapped to the "email (private)" field, and such)

[10:14] <FrankS> mano: This mapping is nowadays done via preferences in Seamonkey, not programmatically in the code

[10:14] <FrankS> So, for the moment, ignore those two files. Finally, it would be good to at least

[10:14] <FrankS> have a look what the patches did to nsAbLDAPProperties.*, and see if we need to do

[10:14] <ericb2> FrankS: I got a question about the task

[10:14] <FrankS> some patches to the preferences files where the mapping is done today

[10:14] <FrankS> mano: sure

[10:15] <ericb2> FrankS: I read on the wiki, it was sheduled to completely remove mozilla (or whatever source code) form source code

[10:15] <mano> FrankS, Ok I 'll do that with nsAbLDAPProperties.*

[10:15] <FrankS> ericb2: ?

[10:16] <ericb2> FrankS: let me retrieve the wiki page

[10:16] <FrankS> mano:

[10:16] <FrankS> for the cygwin-wrapper:

[10:17] <FrankS> (I suppose the one in nsprpub/build, yes?)

[10:17] <mano> FrankS, yes it is

[10:17] <FrankS> Again, I suggest ignoring it for the moment, and to later check what happens when building OOo

[10:17] <ericb2> FrankS:

[10:18] <FrankS> in a cygwin env. This isn't something which necessarily needs to be done by you, I know that the Windows build environment is ... non-trivial

[10:18] <FrankS> mano: But just keep that on the list of "things to verify before finally integrating the change into the main trunk"

[10:18] <ericb2> FrankS: the last line or close, on bottom

[10:18] <mano> FrankS, ok

[10:19] <FrankS> eric2b: just a second, will have a look

[10:19] <FrankS> eric2b: cool ...

[10:19] <FrankS> always nice to read that some people plan to do things which affects my project, without me knowing about it :-\

[10:20] <ericb2> FrankS: I think this is not for immediately

[10:20] <mano> ericb2, sure ...

[10:20] <FrankS> eric2b: I think so, too, though the "OOo30" in the summary suggests otherwise

[10:20] <ericb2> FrankS: and last line of something planned ;-)

[10:20] <ericb2> FrankS: this is obviously too late

[10:20] <FrankS> I wouldn't take this too serious

[10:20] <FrankS> Our medium term goals are to replace the Mozilla source code with

[10:20] <ericb2> FrankS: well, anyway, the new patch is imho a good thing

[10:21] <FrankS> eric2b: definitely

[10:21] <ericb2> mano: just back from vacation, I didn't upgrade the agenda. Can you please make a point: what is ok, not ok

[10:21] <FrankS> We have quite some problems with the current, old, Mozilla code,

[10:21] <FrankS> and a final solution for this will take multiple yEARS

[10:21] <FrankS> so, moving to seamonkey inbetween is a good thing, in any case

[10:22] <ericb2> FrankS: I think so. FYI, I proposed the key signing task on Mac OS X, to avoid suing the nss3 lib. But this is a 6 month task

[10:22] <ericb2> s/suing/using/

[10:22] <mano> ericb2, I believe that all things before the project review are done

[10:22] <ericb2> mano: ok, then can you confirm :

[10:22] <ericb2> Modify configure (replace mozilla checking with seamonkey checking)

[10:22] <ericb2> is OK ?

[10:22] <ericb2> Apply the changes progressively ( and propose tests for the QA)

[10:22] <mano> ericb2, yes

[10:22] <ericb2> is OK too ?

[10:23] * sm|CPU has quit (Remote closed the connection)

[10:23] * sm|CPU (i=sankarsh@ has joined

[10:24] <mano> ericb2, yes I don't have yet decide for the different test

[10:24] <ericb2> mano: ok, they can we consider we can start building using your patch ?

[10:24] <FrankS> which sounds great ...

[10:24] <ericb2> mano: me on Mac OS X, Franck on Windows, and you on Linux

[10:24] <FrankS> (mano: There actually is no "c" in my name :)

[10:25] <ericb2> FrankS: oops, sorry

[10:25] <FrankS> mano: no problem

[10:25] <FrankS> mano: if I may suggest something ...

[10:25] <FrankS> depending on how "self-contained" your patches already are,

[10:26] <FrankS> I am in favour of creating a CWS, and committing them

[10:26] <FrankS> This way, it's easier for different parties to work with your changes, instead of you passing patch files around

[10:26] <ericb2> FrankS: either you or me can create the cws

[10:26] <mano> FrankS, ok

[10:27] <FrankS> eric2b: I prefer you doing it - my list of CWS'es is quite long already

[10:27] <ericb2> FrankS: ok, I'll do create moz2seamonkey01

[10:27] <FrankS> mano: If you agree, I would also suggest that we ask a wider audience to test your changes

[10:27] <FrankS> in particular

[10:27] <FrankS> we can ask all those people building on some esoteric platform how your changes work for them

[10:27] <mano> FrankS, ok

[10:27] * ericb2 to notice Action Items

[10:28] <mano> I have already started to build openoffice with the new patch (not finish

[10:29] <mano> otherwise I need again to add the new .unpack but I don't find where again

[10:29] * chacha_chaudhry_ (n=rakesh@ has joined

[10:30] <ericb2> mano: if I understand correctly, this file is created at buildtime

[10:30] <FrankS> mano: Yes, I think so, too

[10:30] <FrankS> this is just a "flag file" to indicate unpacking the source tarball

[10:30] <mano> ericb2, yes is just a command line to unpack the archive

[10:30] <ericb2> FrankS , mano : can we summarize ?

[10:31] <FrankS> Is there a need to clarify the .unpack issue before - mano?

[10:31] <mano> FrankS, no I'll find it

[10:32] <FrankS> okay

[10:32] <FrankS> mano: Any more questions - just feel free to ask everything you need, now that you have the change for immediate feedback :)

[10:32] <FrankS> s/change/chance/

[10:33] <mano> FrankS, do you know if the xpcom glue lib is included in seamonkey source like nss ?

[10:34] <mano> FrankS, it's xulrunner

[10:34] <FrankS> no, sorry (I promised too much with the "immediate feedback", it seems)

[10:35] * cemoi ( has joined

[10:35] <mano> FrankS, no problem :)

[10:36] * ericb2 to summarize now ?

[10:36] <mano> ok then I don't have any more problem

[10:36] <FrankS> ericb2: yes

[10:36] <mano> ericb2, yes I ?

[10:36] <FrankS> ericb2: The list of action items you took - care to write them down here for comparison?

[10:37] <ericb2> ok, please wait, I'll paste my summary

[10:37] <ericb2> Wiki page has been modified, the following way :

[10:37] <ericb2> OK : Modify configure (replace mozilla checking with seamonkey checking)

[10:37] <ericb2> OK: Apply the changes progressively ( and propose tests for the QA)

[10:37] <ericb2> Action Items :

[10:37] <ericb2> to define tests for QA: Pierre

[10:37] <ericb2> to create moz2seamonkey01 cws : Eric

[10:37] <ericb2> start building on Windows : Frank

[10:37] <ericb2> start building on Mac OS X : Eric

[10:37] <ericb2> start building on Linux : Pierre

[10:37] <ericb2> + ask for other builders on dev@porting + dev@

[10:38] <FrankS> ericb2: The last one is for Pierre, too, right?

[10:39] <FrankS> mano: Asking for others is only reasonable if you say the changes are in a shape to already do so.

[10:39] <ericb2> FrankS: if Pierre does subscribe to both lists, else I can take over

[10:39] <FrankS> mano: If you say you feel more comfortable with keeping it in a smaller round for now,

[10:39] <FrankS> mano: that'd be okay, too

[10:40] <FrankS> mano: Though finally, we certainly should ask a wider audience

[10:40] <FrankS> ericb2: "Pierre commit all changes so far to CWS" is missing on your action item list

[10:40] <ericb2> FrankS: once we'll be sure the build is ok on every platform, I'm all for increase the audience

[10:40] <FrankS> ericb2: okay

[10:41] <ericb2> FrankS: pierre has no commit rights

[10:41] <mano> FrankS, yes maybe this way will be more sure

[10:41] <ericb2> FrankS: the process is: provide regular patches, and then somebody will ask for adding commit rights

[10:42] <FrankS> ericb2: Really? We always made it more like this:

[10:42] <FrankS> somebody explains to want to commit larger chunks of code, and we grant the rights

[10:42] <FrankS> if he does something wrong, he will be shot

[10:42] <FrankS> so the rights don't hurt anymore :)

[10:42] <ericb2> FrankS: can you ask Martin directly ?

[10:42] * chacha_chaudhry has quit (Connection timed out)

[10:42] <FrankS> ericb2: Sure, can do

[10:42] <ericb2> FrankS: great this will accelerate the process !!

[10:43] <mano> ... shot ...

[10:43] <ericb2> chacha_chaudhry_: I'll ask for your rights too

[10:43] <FrankS> mano: If you say you feel uncomfortbale with this, just say, and Eric or /me can commit for the moment

[10:43] <mano> FrankS, no no I am ok

[10:43] <FrankS> mano: Okay. Just care to commit to the CWS branch only, and *not* to HEAD, and everything is okay

[10:43] <FrankS> mano: what's your OOo account name?

[10:43] <ericb2> mano: we'll need several hour, to see together the traps ;-)

[10:44] <FrankS> mano: Did you already submit your SSH key?

[10:44] <mano> FrankS, no I haven't

[10:44] <FrankS> okay, so let's add to the action item list:

[10:44] <FrankS> - Pierre: create OOo account, if necessary

[10:45] <FrankS> - Pierre: submit SSH key (shall I send you a link where this is described?)

[10:45] <ericb2> FrankS: I can drive Pierre for the entire process : I did the same at least 7 times for Macport

[10:45] <FrankS> - Frank: ask MartinH for Domain Developer rights for Pierre

[10:45] <ericb2> FrankS: what we need is Martin agreement

[10:45] <FrankS> ericb2: okay, great

[10:46] <ericb2> FrankS: + one lead pushing and confirming he's ok in the issue

[10:46] <FrankS> ericb2: I don't think this will be a problem, he is usually open to this

[10:46] <ericb2> FrankS: very nice :-)

[10:46] <FrankS> ericb2: what do you mean with "pushing and confirming he's ok in the issue"?

[10:46] * chacha_chaudhry_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))

[10:47] <ericb2> FrankS: when the issue is created, one lead has to confirm and agree

[10:47] <mano> FrankS, yes I think i'll need rour link about ssh key

[10:47] <FrankS> ericb2: ah, okay

[10:47] <ericb2> FrankS: this is what we usually do

[10:47] <FrankS> ericb: I wll do this confirmation

[10:47] <ericb2> FrankS: great.

[10:48] <ericb2> mano: I got a complete process described on my personnal wiki page. Just read and follow

[10:48] <ericb2> mano: the instructions

[10:48] <FrankS> mano: Since Eric volunteered to drive you through the process, I hereby ask him to send you the link

[10:48] <FrankS> ah, okay

[10:48] <ericb2> mano:

[10:49] <mano> ericb2, thx

[10:49] <ericb2> mano: you're warmly welcome :-)

[10:49] <ericb2> Other points ?

[10:49] <FrankS> mano: Just do not forget to CC me in the issue with your SSH key

[10:49] <FrankS> ericb2: Can you send around (a link to) the summary/action items?

[10:49] <mano> ericb2, I think we do all

[10:49] <ericb2> FrankS: I'll attach the log on te wiki

[10:50] <FrankS> ericb2/mano: Did anybody of you log this chat? If so, can you put up the log somewhere, too, for later reference?

[10:50] <FrankS> ericb: okay

[10:50] <ericb2> FrankS: you cannot imagine the number of readers

[10:51] <FrankS> ericb2: readers of the log?

[10:51] * FrankS is confused

[10:51] <ericb2> FrankS: yes

[10:51] <ericb2> FrankS: like ClassRooms e.g.

[10:51] <FrankS> ericb: okay, the mere fact that you say this means you're right - I probably cannot imagine it :)

[10:52] <ericb2> FrankS: we are in sort of unidirectionnal communication channel. We need a lot of energy to create the feedback

[10:53] <FrankS> I see

[10:53] <ericb2> Can we consider the Project Review is over ?

[10:53] <FrankS> ericb2: +1

[10:53] <mano> ericb2, yes I think

[10:53] <ericb2> Ok. Thanks to all for attending. I'll attach the log on the wiki. Just the time to create the link

[10:54] <FrankS> okay, thanks guys

[10:54] <ericb2> FrankS: thanks a lot for your help !

[10:54] <FrankS> mano: In case I never mentioned this before: Glad to see you working on this!

[10:54] <FrankS> ericb: sure - finally, you save me the work to do it myself :) :)

[10:54] <ericb2> FrankS: and don't forget you are welcome if you want to propose a ClassRoom. Just define the topic :)

[10:55] <mano> FrankS, I am glad too :)

[10:55] <ericb2> FrankS: mano did everything, not me

[10:55] <FrankS> well, "you" meaned "you two" here - Eric started the class room, and Pierre did all the work - thanks to both of you!

[10:56] * ericb2 waves

[10:56] <mano> :)

[10:57] <FrankS> bye

[10:57] <mano> FrankS, bye

[10:57] <ericb2> FrankS: bye

[10:59] <ericb2> The log will be posted there :

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