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[13:40] <ericb2> pierrep: bip  ?

[13:40] <pierrep> ericb2: yep

[13:41] <ericb2> pierrep: can we start ?

[13:41] <pierrep> ericb2: okay

[13:41] <ericb2> pierrep: this is a 20 to 30 minutes affair

[13:41] <ericb2> pierrep: looking at the most recent wiki changes, looks like Frank is not far with Windows builds

[13:41] <pierrep> ericb2: yes

[13:41] <ericb2> pierrep: the Mac and Linux are ok

[13:42] <ericb2> pierrep: remains Solaris ( rtimm if I'm not wrong )

[13:42] <pierrep> ericb2: could we consider that the build on mac and on x86_64

[13:42] <pierrep> okay

[13:42] <ericb2> pierrep: the build is ok, but the ciode needs several changes

[13:42] <ericb2> pierrep: s/ciode/code/

[13:42] <pierrep> ericb2: in which code ?

[13:42] * chacha_chaudhry has quit ("Ex-Chat")

[13:43] <ericb2> pierrep: I have added some headers we maybe don't need + the -DMOZILLA_INTERNAL_API instead of the #ifdef in the code

[13:43] <ericb2> pierrep: plus some cleanup ( spaces, comments to be removed or so )

[13:44] <pierrep> ericb2: okay

[13:44] <ericb2> pierrep: cosmetics, but mandatory

[13:44] <ericb2> pierrep: then I think we could ask Frank to review the changes

[13:44] <ericb2> pierrep: he probably will find other bad things

[13:44] <pierrep> ericb2: yes

[13:45] * ssaboum ( has joined

[13:45] <pierrep> about the agenda

[13:45] <ericb2> pierrep: and once that done, the next step will start : ... yes ?

[13:45] <ericb2> ssaboum: hello ;)

[13:45] <pierrep> ericb2: QA ?

[13:45] <ssaboum> ericb2: hi, sorry but i got to go right now i'll be back on time :-)

[13:45] <ericb2> pierrep: no, first verify the crash no longer occur

[13:46] <ericb2> ssaboum: no problem. See you later :)

[13:46] <ssaboum> ericb2: ++

[13:46] <pierrep> ericb2: yes, of course

[13:46] <pierrep> ericb2: i will check issue on x86_64

[13:46] <ericb2> s/crash/crashes/

[13:46] <ericb2> pierrep: same for me on Mac

[13:46] <ericb2> pierrep: we need a confirmation on Linux 32 bits too

[13:47] <ericb2> pierrep: but imho, should be the same

[13:47] <ericb2> nevertheless this is mandatory

[13:47] <ericb2> pierrep: the agenda now

[13:47] <pierrep> ericb2: I'll see with an emu x86

[13:48] <ericb2> pierrep: two things : 1) we need to describe what we did since end august 2) we need to complete

[13:48] <ericb2> pierrep: better create a new diagram ( part1 and part 2) ?

[13:48] <pierrep> ericb2: okay

[13:48] <ericb2> pierrep: may I ask you to take over the task ?

[13:49] <ericb2> pierrep: + prepare the report : where are you with the report btw  ? :-)

[13:49] <pierrep> ericb2: okay

[13:49] <pierrep> ericb2: I begin my report, I did the summary

[13:49] <ericb2> pierrep: good :)

[13:50] * gibi331 (n=gibi33@ has joined

[13:50] <pierrep> ericb2: I'll send you one before show it at school

[13:50] <ericb2> pierrep: yes, and I'll correct it, or add suggestions

[13:51] <pierrep> ericb2: Your wiki help me a lot :)

[13:51] <pierrep> okay

[13:53] <ericb2> pierrep: we'll have to resign with the second task. I'm sorry the moz2seamonkey took so much of time :/

[13:54] * gibi33 has quit (Remote closed the connection)

[13:54] <pierrep> ericb2: I am interessing in opengl then it's okay

[13:54] <ericb2> pierrep: great :)

[13:54] <ericb2> pierrep: in my school, I'll propose the students to write new transitions

[13:54] <ericb2> pierrep: and I already got two students who are volunteers

[13:54] <pierrep> ericb2: great :)

[13:55] <ericb2> pierrep: yes. And they are good students (at least in my courses)

[13:56] <ericb2> pierrep: did you receive your book ?

[13:56] <pierrep> ericb2: not yet

[13:57] <ericb2> pierrep: soon ;)

[13:57] <pierrep> ericb2: I am thinking about it I have some problem with my box letter

[13:57] <ericb2> pierrep: I'll paste our discussion on the wiki, as basis for the upgrade

[13:57] <pierrep> ericb2: okay

[13:58] <ericb2> pierrep: the last point is Frank mail, you should have received too

[13:58] <ericb2> pierrep: OOo/SeaMonkey build - status

[13:58] <pierrep> ericb2: yes i am reading it

[13:58] * ericb2 too

[13:59] <ericb2> pierrep: I found some bugs in the AB : the preferences dirs are wrong on Mac , and the boostrap imho does not work

[14:00] <pierrep> ericb2: okay I answer frank and try the runtime

[14:00] <ericb2> pierrep: I'll answer too

[14:01] <ericb2> pierrep: and maybe I'll be able to setup a Solaris machine on monday

[14:01] <pierrep> ericb2: really

[14:01] <ericb2> pierrep: for the Fun ;-)

[14:01] <pierrep> ericb2: :)

[14:01] <ericb2> pierrep: I'll have more time (as I already xplained you ;) )

[14:02] <ericb2> pierrep: I expect it is close to Linux, else, I'll have to learn everything :)

[14:03] <ericb2> pierrep: I'll finish with Action Items for you ( I'll help a bit) : 1) upgrade the wiki ( agenda ) 2) work on the report 3) start investigating the changes in runtime

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