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This task is the first one of the application. ETA ~end august/early september

Project review log

Log of 25th August Project Review

Log IRC point (13rd November)


Mozilla 1.7.5 -> Seamonkey migration
Task week 1
11th november
16th november
week 2
17st november
23th november
week 3
24th november
30th november
week 4
1 december
7th december
Status Comments
Verify it works on Mac Linux Windows Solaris OK done
Verify the crashes are fixed (see relevant issues) working on it
Write report for task 1 began

Mozilla 1.7.5 -> Seamonkey migration
Task week 1
14th july
19th july
week 2
21st july
26th july
week 3
2nd august
week 4
4th august
9th august
week 5
11th august
16th august
week 6
18th august
23th august
week 7
25th august
30th august
Status Comments
Check the sources (one milestone) ok
Understand how cvs manages the sources ( CVS dirs) ok
Configure step : find information, be able to modify ok
Understand the bootstrap ok
Build mozilla archive separately ok
Fix a build issue (bad compiler option maybe) ok
Understand how patches are used at buildtime ok done
Modify the makefile, and start building seamonkey ( basic patch provided ) done
Define a strategy for the migration done (cleanup in progress)
Modify configure (replace mozilla checking with seamonkey checking) OK holidays
Apply the changes progressively ( and propose tests for the QA) OK holidays OK
Project Reviews First
project review Done
Propose patches to commit the changes in a cws holidays done
Verify it works on other ports ( Mac OS X , windows ) holidays work in progress
Verify the crashes are fixed (see relevant issues)
Write report for task 1

  • Create a Gantt diagram / Planning
  • ....
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