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Effort was finished for 3.0

  • Goal : Fix issue 71327 Implementing python 2.6 into next version. Also look at the duplicate issue 92413 for more information.

Side effects: Python newest version with new updated libraries

  • Problem : the current implementation is very obsolete.

Important consequence: Python development is very low outcasting from many developers

  • Time plan : (will be defined soon)

Note: the application could be proposed as Google Summer of Code ( including other tasks.


  • for Education Project : jza , arbraini , (please add your name )
  • UDK projects : mba/tl

Difficulty: ****

New: needs

  • more modules ( offapi),
  • better integration with gui,
  • help libraries to make it smoother with uno
  • Serious QA

Skills : Python

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