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This is an effort to fix issue 972


First meeting : define the task

Attendees: Matthias Bauer (mba) , Thomas Lange (tl ) , Eric Bachard (ericb)


Second IRC meeting ( 19th of February)

Attendees: Thomas Lange (tl), Eric Bachard (ericb)


Mails regarding discussion (29th Sept and on..) Important Notes and doubts


Propose a solution

The 1st meeting was productive, and we agreed on a solution.

(complete describing the solution)


Draft. Please complete or correct typos, add suggestions ... etc


  • Initial meeting
  • Choose a solution
  • Discover starmath code organisation
  • Identify all Arrange cases
  • start debugging : find interesting breakpoints

Work in progress

  • understand the 27 Arrange methods, more precisely, describe what is done in every case
  • imagine scenarios for debugging
  • trace and analyze positional parameters ( work in progress )

Remaining tasks

  • identify the problem precisely for text only ( including greek letters or not)
  • propose a solution for text only
  • identify the problem for a over b
  • propose a solution for a over b
  • factorize the solution
  • prepare a new meeting
  • define the change in .odt file format
  • implement it
  • write the specs

Draft for the Planning

Fix Equations Alignment in Math (part 1 : A over B )
Task week 6 week 7 week 8 week 9 week 10 week 11 Status Assigned to Comments
Discover starmath
analyse the concerned code
propose a solution for a over b
first code implementation
mathalignment1 cws creation
QA for mathalignment1
Write specs

Discover starmath source code (click me)

Debugging starmath using gdb (click me)

Analyse the concerned code

First code implementation

mathalignment cws creation

Links and Documentation

Page for translating Non-English comments and strings in starmath module to English

Translate Non English Comments and Strings (click me)

starmath source code

Starmath source code Documentation

Math Commands Reference

starmath use

Math Objects


Getting started with Math

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