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  • Goal : create new Fun OpenGL transitions for Impress

Building on top of a successful [1] from last year, the goal is to add more 3D transitions to the Impress application. A transition is an animation where one page is visible in the beginning and another in the end. It is used during presentation slideshow to switch pages.

The already existing OpenGL transition engine gets the previous and next page as a prerendered image, and then gets the stage (i.e. the screen) exclusively, for the duration of the transition.

Side effects: the list of transitions is growing dangerously. What do ? Keep only the 3D transitions ? Create a second entry list "3D effects ? "

  • Problem : 3D transitions are Fun, and the demand is important.

Important consequence: more OpenGL transitions is more Fun and a killer feature

  • Time plan : 120 hours max, say 1 month of work ( or 3 students working 10 hours per week every )

Difficulty: ***

New: needs

  • Good maths and geometry skills ( 3D / matrixes .. )

Skills : C and C++

Help : this task is the continuation of Impress:_OpenGL_rendered_transitions, started by Shane M. Mathew during the Google SoC 2007 (mentor : Thorsten Behrens )

  • Reguired skills/knowledge: C++, OpenGL. familiarity with UNO is welcomed
  • Volunteers :

- Jerry Tak-Wah Pau student from Seneca College (Canada)

- Eric Bachard UTBM (France)

=>Work in Progress

rodo at novell dot com, tbehrens at novell dot com
for Education Project : ericb at openoffice dot org , (please add your name )
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