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This is information for students, working on fixing issues.

Thank you

Jan 18 15:06:03 <ericb2> may I bother you about an old issue ?

Jan 18 15:06:27 <ericb2> they are in Calc

Jan 18 15:06:33 <ericb2> and I don't know whom ask

[niklasn has address]

Jan 18 15:06:50 <niklasn> what's it about?

Jan 18 15:06:53 <ericb2> both have maybe the same root

Jan 18 15:06:59 <ericb2>

Jan 18 15:07:11 <ericb2> it is about mouse wheel scrolling

Jan 18 15:08:27 <ericb2> the second one seems to be different, but I'm unsure :

Jan 18 15:08:58 <ericb2> again the mouse wheel scrolling. Looks like we use integers, and maybe we could increase the atomicity

Jan 18 15:09:50 <niklasn> the second one seems to be mac-only. scrolling less than a row isn't possible, and that's not easily changed

Jan 18 15:10:07 <ericb2> ah ..

Jan 18 15:10:26 <ericb2> about the first issue, what could be a solution, if ever one could exist ?

Jan 18 15:11:34 <niklasn> depends on what one would want it to be... probably an extra offset within the row, and make use of it in paint/click/edit/whatever

Jan 18 15:12:45 <ericb2> ok, thanks

Jan 18 15:13:11 <niklasn> want to try it?

Jan 18 15:13:18 <ericb2> is it needed to modify calc code only, or some other elsewhere ?

Jan 18 15:13:34 <ericb2> I'll explain you more about my questions

Jan 18 15:13:41 <niklasn> should be calc only

Jan 18 15:13:46 <ericb2> I'm searching little applications for students

Jan 18 15:14:07 <ericb2> say 2 months during the year, with a teacher, and learning how contribute to

Jan 18 15:14:16 <ericb2> or something like that

Jan 18 15:14:27 <ericb2> the idea is discover the code, and produce something

Jan 18 15:15:03 <ericb2> ... without bother too much overloaded devs like you :) such issues could be good introduction

Jan 18 15:15:17 <ericb2> to devel

Jan 18 15:15:43 <ericb2> another issue I'm working on is issue 972

Jan 18 15:15:48 <ericb2> misalignement in formulas

Jan 18 15:16:06 <niklasn> a problem here is that in most cases, you do want to scroll row-wise. if there are no really big rows, what's the point in scrolling less?

Jan 18 15:16:28 <niklasn> so one would really have to exactly define desired behavior first

Jan 18 15:17:15 <ericb2> say if rows are too high (imagine a limit, triggering the special case ), this could be helpfull

Jan 18 15:17:21 <ericb2> but this is maybe a bad idea

Jan 18 15:18:04 <niklasn> that might work, but it has to be defined and agreed upon before implementing

Jan 18 15:18:24 <ericb2> ok

Jan 18 15:18:25 <niklasn> about issue 972 I can't say much

Jan 18 15:18:34 <ericb2> I'm in touch with mba and tl

Jan 18 15:18:40 <ericb2> we'll have a meeting next week

Jan 18 15:19:57 <ericb2> before to stop bothering you, could you suggest me, where, in the code, I could do some testt ( issue 81907) ?

Jan 18 15:21:43 <niklasn> repaint is ScGridWindow::Paint, and scrolling is ScTabView::ScrollY

Jan 18 15:22:03 <ericb2> ok, thanks !

Jan 18 15:22:05 <ericb2> from my side, I think I'll write some "specs" like

Jan 18 15:22:17 <ericb2> and propose you something once I'll have made some progress

Jan 18 15:22:50 <niklasn> ok

Jan 18 15:23:02 <ericb2> thank you very much for your time :)

Jan 18 15:23:18 <niklasn> no problem

Jan 18 15:26:45 <ericb2> I found them in (respectively) ./source/ui/view/gridwin4.cxx and ./source/ui/view/tabview.cxx , am I right ?

Jan 18 15:27:27 <ericb2> (all in sc )

Jan 18 15:28:08 <niklasn> yes, that's right

Jan 18 15:28:39 <ericb2> ok, then I have enoug information, and I can start working on that  :-)

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