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This is an effort to fix issue 81907

The issue is related to the mouse wheel scrolling improvement in calc.

You can create the issue by:

  1. Open a new spreadsheet in Calc.
  2. Make the first and second rows’ height as big as half a page.
  3. Create a page with 40 lines of text (make them short lines) in writer.
  4. Copy the lines and paste them in the first cell of the second row of the spreadsheet.
  5. Now click inside the second cell with the lines, and try to use mouse wheel to scroll through the lines of the cell.
  6. You will notice that mouse wheel makes the cursor jump to the next cell, and there is no way to see the lines that their positions exceed the page height.


  1. Mouse Wheel behavior: Each mouse wheel stroke makes the cursor move one cell back or forth. The desired behavior is to move one line at a time instead of one cell at a time.
  2. Down Arrow Key Behavior: If the cursor is at the bottom of the page and there are still lines ahead of cursor in the cell which are not seen, pressing the down key on the keyboard will take the cursor out of the page and lets you edit lines without seeing them. The desired behavior is to shift the cell content upward so that each time you press the down key one line is appeared from the bottom and one line becomes hidden from the top, so that this prevents you from editing unseen content of the cell.


Log of discussion with Nicklas Nebel ( Calc guru ):


Todo :

Write the specifications

Propose a solution

Implement working code

Create a cws

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