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Centrale Nantes "Tablet PC and Free Software" project

Looking for open softwares to get an educative open tool based on TabletPcs.


Morgan Magnin

Contacts : Eric Bachard ericb / Thorsten Behrens thb : all [modifier] Team


Frédéric Gelot, Pierre-Jean Parot, Olivier Girardot, Aude Quintana, Guillaume Arfaoui, Sashi Juganaikloo, Florent Rouvière


Last spring, the Centrale de Nantes Engineering School(France) winner of the global TFT (Technology For Teaching) to develop projects around mobile technology in higher education through the use of Tablet PCs. The school would like to take this award to carry out innovative projects and provide real added value to students in terms of learning lessons.

As a matter of fact, the group ended with OOo !

Expected work

   * Understand OOo standards
   * slideshow : change color
   * slideshow : change width of pen
   * slideshow : give user friendly integrated tool to do so !

Expected Results

  1. Functional specification
  2. Detailed Specifications
  3. Development features
  4. Test unit and integration tests
  5. Writing in weekly reports on the blog "Tablet PC Centrale Nantes"

Time plan

60h/student starting : early October '08 ending  : late December '08

Status : terminated


    Blog : "Tablet PC Centrale Nantes"
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