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Centrale Nantes "Saving Machine" project

Backup features writing through Tablet PC within Impress


Morgan Magnin

Contacts : Eric Bachard ericb / Thorsten Behrens thb : all


Frédéric Gelot Pierre-Jean Parot


Last spring, the Centrale de Nantes Engineering School(France) winner of the global TFT (Technology For Teaching) to develop projects around mobile technology in higher education through the use of Tablet PCs. The school would like to take this award to carry out innovative projects and provide real added value to students in terms of learning lessons. From September to December, a group project consisted of the study and implementation of a proper Linux on these machines. The project was then directed to an improvement of OpenOffice, so that the free software effectively integrates the functionality specific to Tablet PC. This work has been various contacts with the development team of OpenOffice and the Ecole Centrale de Nantes is in the process of integrating the Education OpenOffice. The objective now is to make the prospects for further interviews and the work program initiated in group project.

Expected work

The project consists of improving the consideration of Tablet PC features OpenOffice. This work aims to make this program an alternative credible and relevant to the Microsoft Office suite. It lies in the continuity of the project group carried out on the subject, and aims to answer some of the perspectives at the end of this work. Some features that should be implemented:

    * Temporary persistence annotations during slideshow
    * Permanent record annotations made in slide show mode
    * Development of highlighting areas
    * Sub-lineage of areas

Expected Results

   1. Functional specification
   2. Detailed Specifications
   3. Development features
   4. Test unit and integration tests
   5. Writing in bimonthly reports on the blog "Tablet PC Centrale Nantes"

Time plan

60h/student starting : early January '09 ending  : late March '09


    Blog : "Tablet PC Centrale Nantes"
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