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The team of students of the ECN :

  • Frédéric Gelot
  • Olivier Girardot
  • Pierre-Jean Parot
  • Aude Quintana
  • Guillaume Arfaoui
  • Sashi Juganaikloo
  • Florent Rouvière

And the teacher leading this project Morgan Magnin managed (with many help) to add drawing features on the slideshow and sd modules, in order to be able to draw on an impress presentation during the slideshow, changing colors and stroke width easily.

These changes make even more relevant to use in a TabletPC environment.

You can find more informations on the project on the blog dedicated to the project (French) TabletPC

ECN Projects

Initial project : Tablet PC

Second project : The "Eraser" for Tablet PC

Third project : The "Saving machine" for Tablet PC

Fourth project : "Eraser primitives" for Tablet PC


Blog Centrale Nantes

IRC meetings logs

14th January 2009 (french)

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