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List in construction. You can help us complete it and improve on it

( Brainstorming in progress )

  • Revamp
  • Make the page static
  • Organize the wiki page
  • Create new entries : locales ? / tools ? / Success stories ? / Partners ?
  • Resources : ask an entry for every school present on the site ? (annually ?)
  • QA : define default owner for education project issues
  • Be present and visible (please complete the list) :

  • Recent Issues

Volunteers to revamp the site

  • Raphael Bircher
  • Nicolas JEUDY


1) Installation / Usability

  • installation , mainly under Microsoft Windows, is problematic ( unique registration, ...etc)
  • Installation in a rightless environment

2) Compatibility

Again, with MS Office (examples, precise case, writing of a guide avoiding issues, find the most known of them .. )

3) Maths

  • formulas alignments

This is an incredibly well known and important default. Some migrations failed just because of this "detail".

See the sadly well known issue 972 , and referenced in IssueZilla since may 2001 (yes 2001 !) URL :

4) Unclassified

  • Suggestions of amelioration


Use Maxima in ?

Partial answer : as soon as I'll have the answer to "how interface" and Application written in Lisp ( Maxima is written in Lisp ), I promise I'll take the task over.

Update: I got some infos from Eike Rathke and Kendy. Playing with fork() exec() wait() .. stay tuned.

Ericb 12:07, 25 December 2007 (CET)

Suggestion: instead of trying to do this by hand, use the Expect library; an Expect module for OOo would be really useful.

  • Success stories

Any positive success story of installation and /or use in your school, interests us.

Initiation to use

Be extremely careful is recommended, only the French Eductional system is described below

Which formations could concern ?

- type de formation : secondary, profesional formations ? - concerned courses: Maths ? Physics ? ( Other ? )

URL of reference : ( French, sorry )

Plan (translated from French ):

1. Introduction to a Spreadsheet use with (mise à jour 07/01/2006)

2. Use of Calc functions (last update 17/01/2006)

3. The alternative with the Spreadsheet (last update 12/01/2006)

4. Create diagrams using Calc

5. Improved study of Mathematical diagrams ( last update 16/05/2006)

Share your opinion whith this course. 

For every part, it could be interesting to define :

The relevant concerned programs

- the plan of the lesson

- the prerequisites of the lesson

- the objectives, well justified in the referential of the program

- the estimated time for the lesson

  • Pedagogical notes creation

Target: create pedagogical notes for the existing tools, improving the role of :

Every teacher will certainly have a personal way, but to obtain something consistent, it will be to follow a common skeleton, everybody is invited to improve.


  • The pedagogical frame of use: public / level
  • prerequisites,
  • the place in the progression,
  • the time of the sequence..etc
  • objectives,
  • the place dans le referential of the program,
  • limits .. (thanks to improve and complete the list)

  • Mutualisation of documents : ADD A LICENSE FOR THE CONTENT

Example of downloadable document with licence

  • Suggestions for academical correspondents

- recent the schools using ( write a list on the Wiki ? )

- inform people managing / to be aware of the project existence and invite them to join us (Education Project, list)

- keep the list of known issues up to date , and define a list of priorities : we need to concentrate our efforts to the correction of such issues ! - participate, if possiblee, to events who can involve project in your academy - recent such events - recent existing tools and documents, who bring a value added the pedagogical interest to be used ( next step : put them on the site, for download, but define precisely how do that "before" ) - be visible

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