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From Louis Suarez Potts mail ( )

DRAFT : will be used as starting point for the task

Last week I presented on OOo to a class conducted by G. Wilson of 1st and 2nd year students at the University of Toronto, near where I live. Several other foss project reps were there, including some from OLPC, Red Hat, and some local groups. The presentation went well, and afterward, two students expressed interest in working on localization and lingucomponent (grammar checker).

But the main interest to me was that I had a brief meeting after class with two other professors on the feasibility of including OOo in the curricula for undergraduate students. They were enthusiastic, and after the term ends, we'll have a more substantial meeting. At the same time, I've been in discussions with Gale Moore, of the KDMI (UofT's interdisciplinary office on open access and open source; open access is philosophically linked and quite cool), and she too expressed interest in investigating including OOo in undergraduate curricula, among other things. We agreed to meet, too, after term ends, sometime the middle of December.

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