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Prerequisites : (level, skills .. )

Theorical :

beginner with Code,

basic cvs use : up / -dP .. -r -zN options ... etc

diff and patch options ( -N -a -u -r -p --dry-run ) must be known.

Experimental :

good knowledge on source Code download , be able to checkout whatever milestone / cws

good skills with editors like Emacs and /or vi or mc, or any other editor, to read, write, save a given patch file.

know how use patch and diff + usefull options ( needs to be defined precisely )

Resources :

FIXME : translate my courses /examples

Objectives ( mainly Experimental )

what is a patch

different types of patches ( contextual , unified )

respecting cvs infos :

apply a patch

reverse a patch,

create a patch from cws changes

apply a cws to a given milestone

deprecated ? -> create a patch using dmake ( dmake patch / .. changes .. / dmake create_patch )

Examples :

outside project / internal

Links :

Bibliography :

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