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ericb2 ok, let's start 11:03
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: Ok. 11:03
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: do you remember the name of the cws ?  :-) 11:03
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: it is wae4binfilter01 11:04
chacha_chaudhry  :P 11:04
chacha_chaudhry yes 11:04
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: the first thing I did was to create the cws 11:04
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: How? 11:04
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: there are several states: planned, new, ready for QA and Approved by QA or Nominated ( quite the same) 11:05
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: go to 11:05
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: then log you in 11:05
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: Okay 11:05
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: once done, click on "Child workspaces" 11:06
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: just under "Information" word 11:06
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: do you see it ? 11:07
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: you want me to log in at EIS? 11:08
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: yes 11:08
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: <--- link or above one 11:08
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: once logged, you are redirected 11:08
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: above Tools Page 11:09
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: if you can read "Environment Information System 2.2.2 " you are logged in 11:09
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: this is the same 11:09
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: okay done 11:09
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: the tip is: enter your mail address + your password 11:10
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: ok 11:10
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: click on "Child workspaces" 11:10
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: there is a "Create CWS entry" 11:10
chacha_chaudhry yes 11:11
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: this is the place for cws creation. Please note: the cws will be in "planned" state only 11:11
chacha_chaudhry ericb2: I used guest gues my mail + passworkd is not working 11:11
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry: strange 11:11
mano ericb2 : hello I have the same problem 11:12
ericb2 mano: hello 11:12
andreasma good morning all 11:12
ericb2 mano: do you have an login ? 11:12
ericb2 andreasma: hello :-) 11:12
mano ericb2 : yes 11:13
* chacha_chaudhry_ (n=dev@ has joined 11:13
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: I am sorry connection problem 11:13
ericb2 mano: chacha_chaudhry : for me, I have to do : + my password 11:13
ericb2 chacha_chaudhryok 11:13
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes my login is not working 11:13
andreasma ericb2, the login per ooo-name works for me also not. 11:13
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: I am using guest + guest now 11:14
mano ericb2 ok I log in 11:14
ericb2 andreasma: did you try ? 11:15
andreasma ericb2, my ooo-name only. 11:15
ericb2 andreasma: can you try + your password ? I'd like to be sure it works 11:16
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: somehow + password works 11:16
chacha_chaudhry chacha_chaudhry_ 11:16
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: ahh :) 11:16
chacha_chaudhry_  :) 11:16
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Now I see create cws 11:16
chacha_chaudhry_  :P 11:16
andreasma ericb2, it works with @ooo 11:17
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: indeed : this is only accessible for logged in people 11:17
ericb2 andreasma: great :-) 11:17
ericb2 now, if you really have a cws to be created, you're done 11:17
ericb2 Pavel Janik wrote a document about that, and I'll give your the URL : no need to reinvent the weel ;-) 11:18
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay 11:18
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: 11:18
ericb2 that's exactly what I did with wae4binfilter cws 11:19
ericb2 -> this cws is in planned state 11:19
ericb2 and I invite you to verify 11:19
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay /me reading page ... 11:20
ericb2 ok, then let's have a look at the create page 11:20
ericb2 everybody is ok ? 11:21
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: So it is already created how do I search it? 11:21
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: the cws is created, and no need to redo. But it can be interesting to show how it works. 11:22
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: of course, if not, just tell me 11:22
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes go on. 11:23
ericb2 ok, then the first field is the cws name 11:23
ericb2 wae4binfilter01 means Warnings are errors for binfilter module, first cws about that 11:23
ericb2 as often as possible, please choose something easy to understand 11:24
ericb2 cws xDF34e name is a bit difficult to understand e.g. 11:24
ericb2 other important point is the Master workspace the cws is based on 11:24
chacha_chaudhry_  :) 11:24
ericb2 for us, it is DEV300 11:25
ericb2 means for 3.x branch 11:25
ericb2 Requested builds : if you need something special, look carefully this field, and select the best solution for you 11:26
ericb2 e.g;: Produc 11:26
ericb2 Product 11:26
ericb2 Next point is owner : e.g. ericb for wae4binfilter 11:26
ericb2 Next point is QA representative: this is extremely important to notice the owner and the QA rep must be different 11:27
ericb2 I'll show you what happens when this is not the case 11:27
ericb2 in 2 minutes 11:27
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: this cws has same? 11:28
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: I mean wae4binfilter01 11:28
ericb2 chacha_chaudhrywae4binfilter01 : yes -> because I didn't find a QA resp yet :-) 11:28
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay 11:28
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_ wae4binfilter01 : yes -> because I didn't find a QA resp yet :-) 11:28
ericb2 sorry, bad completion 11:28
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: good catch ;-) 11:29
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: ;) 11:29
ericb2 The description : *please* add one intelligent description. Some cws don't have, and this is painfull 11:29
ericb2 Next field is comments: in the cws life, people changing something add comments. Extremely informative too 11:30
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay , between 'owner' and 'QA Rep' are in yellow. That is indication I suppose that something is wrong 11:30
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay 11:30
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: yes, and the cws will never be accepted until I can provide a real other name 11:30
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay. 11:30
* chacha_chaudhry has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) 11:31
ericb2 Estimated dates are important too, and needs to be choosen carefully. Last are details, but they are usefull information too 11:31
ericb2 practice: look at wae4binfilter01 cws and see what I have choosen for every important fields 11:31
ericb2 for that, do : 11:31
ericb2 click on Top on "Search" 11:32
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Already there 11:32
ericb2 a new frame will appear 11:32
ericb2 in the field name, enter: wae4binfilter01 11:32
ericb2 click the "Find" button 11:33
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes done 11:33
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: great :-) 11:33
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: You can me as member :-) 11:33
ericb2 I'm sorry, but because of an unexpected problem, I'll have to stop for ~15 minute 11:33
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay 11:33
chacha_chaudhry_ *add 11:34
mano ericb2 : Okay no problem 11:34
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: No issue 11:34
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: There must already be some queue for planned cws ? Once QA Rep is added , do we need some other important step ? 11:37
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 11:47
* ericb2 is back 11:47
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: rehi 11:49
ericb2 my apologies for the delay 11:49
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: It is Okay :) 11:49
chacha_chaudhry_ np 11:50
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: yes, issues have to be added in the cws 11:50
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 11:50
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: now, we'll talk about the cwstools 11:50
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 11:50
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay 11:50
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: they are located in source tree 11:50
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: in solenv/bin 11:51
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes 11:51
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: cws* 11:51
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: exactly 11:51
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: For every cws we create one cvs branch ? 11:52
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: for every name you have two scripts and one with .pl suffix 11:52
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Ok. 11:52
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes exactly 11:53
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: now, to do more on a cws, you must be Domain Developer 11:53
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: this is not your case yet, but I described what has to be done (e.g. for Mac OS x port) : 11:54
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: so should I request or I need to pass some criteria? 11:54
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: everything is described on the page above 11:54
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Ok. 11:54
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: the first step is to provide regular code/patches 11:54
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Ok. 11:54
* chittoor (n=chittoor@ has joined 11:55
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: sign the SCA first, find someone (here me) commiting for you 11:55
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Ok. 11:55
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: and once you'll be known as developer providing regular contribution, the page I wrote will apply to you 11:55
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ chittoor 11:55
ericb2 mano: you're maybe concerned too ;-) 11:56
ericb2 FYI, there are two repositories 11:56
ericb2 one is anoncvs 11:56
ericb2 the other one, for devs, is tunnel 11:56
ericb2 only the first one is concerned for any change/ commit .. and so on 11:56
ericb2 oops 11:57
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: second one 11:57
ericb2 only the second one (tunnel) is concerned for any change/ commit .. and so on 11:57
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: thanks :-) 11:57
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 11:57
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: to add an issue to a cws , there are several steps, I'll describe 11:57
chacha_chaudhry_ ok. 11:57
ericb2 1) create the tunnel 11:58
ericb2 Important: I suppose you are domain dev , and you have an ssh2 key ..etc like described in the page above 11:59
ericb2 The command is (in a dedicated terminal : ssh -2 -x -L 2401:localhost:2401 11:59
ericb2 (enter your passphrase + enter) -> tunnel is created 11:59
ericb2 2) epoxrt the right CVSROOT for checkouts checkins or other tasks 12:00
ericb2 3) once done, cd in your tree 12:00
ericb2 e.g. : 12:00
ericb2 ordinateur-de-eric-b-2:~ ericb$ cd Desktop/DEV300_m21 12:00
ericb2 ordinateur-de-eric-b-2:~/Desktop/DEV300_m21 ericb$ 12:00
ericb2 IMPORTANT : 12:01
ericb2 source the environment file 12:01
ericb2 e.g. on Intel / MacOS X : source 12:01
ericb2 once done : export the CWS_WORK_STAMP 12:01
ericb2 export CWS_WORK_STAMP=wae4binfilter01 12:02
ericb2 4) go to the following wiki page : 12:02
ericb2 12:02
ericb2 exactly, the chapter creating the cws 12:03
ericb2 means: we'll change it's status from "Planned" to "New" 12:03
ericb2 before, we'll have to verify the tunnel works 12:04
ericb2 Means : 12:04
ericb2 ordinateur-de-eric-b-2:~/Desktop/DEV300_m21 ericb$ cwsquery -m DEV300 latest 12:04
ericb2 cwsquery -- version: 1.13 12:04
ericb2 cwsquery: Master workspace 'DEV300': 12:04
ericb2 cwsquery: Latest milestone available for resync: 12:04
ericb2 DEV300 m21 12:04
ericb2 -> it works, and I can create a cws based on DEV300_m21 as code base 12:05
ericb2 Questions ? 12:05
chacha_chaudhry_ So, when you have created then I will check out using anonyms cvs and keep submitting patches , I mean after you creating it? 12:06
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ chittoor 12:06
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:06
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: anoncvs is read only. I'll have to commit your patches (I'll do to show you how I add comments), and after some delay 12:07
(30minutes, to one hour), you'll be able to check out the code including the changes from anoncvs
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: this is immediate effect using tunnel, but only DomainDevelopers can use it 12:07
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay 12:08
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:08
ericb2 now we will 1) create the cws 2) file an issue 3) associate it to the cws 4) commit one little change 12:09
IZBot no issue with number 3 12:09
ericb2 he he 12:09
chacha_chaudhry_  :P ericb2 Okay 12:09
ericb2 to create the cws, we will use 12:09
ericb2 ordinateur-de-eric-b-2:~/Desktop/DEV300_m21 ericb$ echo $CWS_WORK_STAMP 12:10
ericb2 wae4binfilter01 12:10
ericb2 -> we can go 12:10
chacha_chaudhry_ What will be our Master WS I mean initial code from ? 12:10
chacha_chaudhry_ _m21 , yes? 12:11
ericb2 DEV300_m21 12:11
chacha_chaudhry_ okay 12:11
ericb2 Verification: 12:11
ericb2 ordinateur-de-eric-b-2:~/Desktop/DEV300_m21 ericb$ cwscreate -f DEV300 m21 wae4binfilter01 12:11
ericb2 cwscreate -- version: 1.26 12:11
ericb2 Scheduling promotion of child workspace 'wae4binfilter01' from 'planned' to 'new'. 12:11
ericb2 ***** Successfully ***** promoted child workspace 'wae4binfilter01' to status 'new'. 12:11
ericb2 Milestone: 'm21'. 12:11
ericb2 please: refresh your web page and the status should be modified now 12:11
ericb2 EIS -> Search -> wae4binfilter01 12:12
chacha_chaudhry_ yes 12:12
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes :) 12:12
ericb2 now, we have to file an issue 12:12
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: On issuezila and then relate 12:12
chacha_chaudhry_  ? 12:12
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: exactly 12:12
* ericb2 choosen Education Project 12:13
ericb2 assigned to ericb 12:13
ericb2 OS : all 12:13
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Okay when done through the number :P 12:14
ericb2 issue 91167 12:15
IZBot education DEFECT NEW P3 issue associated to wae4binfilter01 ( uninitialized variables) 12:15
ericb2 to add the issue to the cws, the right command is : 12:15
ericb2 ordinateur-de-eric-b-2:~/Desktop/DEV300_m21 ericb$ cwsaddtask i91167 12:15
ericb2 cwsaddtask -- version: 1.6 12:15
ericb2 cwsaddtask: Registered taskID(s) 'i91167' with child workspace 'wae4binfilter01'. 12:15
ericb2 Please verify ! 12:16
ericb2 the change should appear on EIS now 12:16
chacha_chaudhry_ verified 12:16
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: great 12:17
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ chittoor 12:17
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ chittoor 12:17
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:17
ericb2 next step is : add binfilter module to the modules list of wae4binfilter 12:17
ericb2 Tip: when you display wae4binfilter01 , click an "all" on top left ;-) 12:17
ericb2 the command for adding binfilter is: 12:18
ericb2 cwsadd binfilter 12:18
ericb2 due to the big number f files, this can take some times 12:18
ericb2 next step will be to commit a change 12:19
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: do you have a little patch , for variable initialization  ? 12:19
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Not for variable initialization 12:19
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ chittoor 12:20
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:20
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: ok, I'll use one of my big patch 12:20
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: :) Okay 12:20
ericb2 ordinateur-de-eric-b-2:~/Desktop/DEV300_m21 ericb$ cwsadd binfilter 12:21
ericb2 cwsadd -- version: 1.10 12:21
ericb2 Updating 'binfilter' ... 12:21
ericb2 cwsadd: Tagging module 'binfilter'. 12:21
ericb2 cwsadd: Tag with branch tag 'cws_dev300_wae4binfilter01'. 12:21
ericb2 (lot of time ... ) 12:21
ericb2 waiting for the complete tagging of binfilter, the most simple is to create a log file ( 3MB ! ) giving all the warnings 12:23
ericb2 cd binfilter 12:23
ericb2 build 2>log.log | tee 2>&1 12:23
ericb2 and you'll have only the warnings in the file at the end 12:23
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes :) 12:23
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Ok, 12:23
ericb2 the end from the tagging operation : 12:25
ericb2 12:25
ericb2 cwsadd: Tagged 3969 files in module 'binfilter' with branch tag. 12:25
ericb2 cwsadd: Tag with tag 'CWS_DEV300_WAE4BINFILTER01_ANCHOR'. 12:25
ericb2 12:25
ericb2 cwsadd: Tagged 3969 files in module 'binfilter'. 12:25
ericb2 cwsadd: Updating module 'binfilter' to branch 'cws_dev300_wae4binfilter01'. 12:25
ericb2 12:25
ericb2 cwsadd: Succesfully registered module 'binfilter'. 12:25
ericb2 cwsadd: Summary: 12:25
ericb2 cwsadd: Sucessfully added and registered module(s) 'binfilter'. 12:25
ericb2 PLEASE note carefully : 12:25
ericb2 Tags CWS_DEV300_WAE4BINFILTER01_ANCHOR mean : initial state of the module ( DEV300_m21 ) 12:26
ericb2 Tags cws_dev300_wae4binfilter01 mean : after commits ( current state of the cws) 12:26
ericb2 that's the reason why, when we checkout some modules from a cws, we do : cvs -z4 co -r cws_dev300_wae4binfilter01 binfilter 12:27
ericb2 (I took our as example) 12:27
ericb2 now we can commit :-) 12:27
chacha_chaudhry_  :) 12:27
chacha_chaudhry_ added verified eis 12:28
chacha_chaudhry_ shows module 12:28
chacha_chaudhry_ cws_dev300_wae4binfilter01 is essentially a tag and we are checking out from this tag binfilter module is what above command mean, 12:29
chacha_chaudhry_ -z4 is for ? 12:30
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: compress the sources and save time 12:31
chacha_chaudhry_ sahii, good. 12:31
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: -z option can be between 3 (default) and 9 12:31
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: but -z9 is not kind for the server ;-) 12:31
chacha_chaudhry_  :) 12:31
ericb2 cvs diff -u binfilter returned me (after a little change : 12:32
ericb2 Index: binfilter/bf_svx/source/items/svx_frmitems.cxx 12:32
ericb2 =================================================================== 12:32
ericb2 RCS file: /cvs/framework/binfilter/bf_svx/source/items/svx_frmitems.cxx,v 12:32
ericb2 retrieving revision 1.20 12:32
ericb2 diff -u -r1.20 svx_frmitems.cxx 12:32
ericb2 --- binfilter/bf_svx/source/items/svx_frmitems.cxx 10 Apr 2008 14:11:44 -0000 1.20 12:32
ericb2 +++ binfilter/bf_svx/source/items/svx_frmitems.cxx 28 Jun 2008 10:32:11 -0000 12:32
ericb2 @@ -323,7 +323,7 @@ 12:32
ericb2 /*N*/ break; 12:32
ericb2 /*N*/ case MID_SIZE_WIDTH: 12:32
ericb2 /*N*/ { 12:32
ericb2 -/*N*/ sal_Int32 nVal; 12:32
ericb2 +/*N*/ sal_Int32 nVal = 0; 12:32
ericb2 /*N*/ if(!(rVal >>= nVal )) 12:32
ericb2 /*N*/ return sal_False; 12:32
ericb2 /*N*/ 12:32
ericb2 as you can see, I modified binfilter/bf_svx/source/items/svx_frmitems.cxx file 12:32
ericb2 now, for the commit, I'll do : 12:32
ericb2 cvs commit -m "#i91167# fix uninitialized variable " binfilter/bf_svx/source/items/svx_frmitems.cxx 12:33
ericb2 Please note how I added comments 12:33
chacha_chaudhry_ yes -m 12:33
ericb2 the result is : 12:34
ericb2 Checking in binfilter/bf_svx/source/items/svx_frmitems.cxx; 12:34
ericb2 new revision:; previous revision: 1.20 12:34
ericb2 done 12:34
* cvs/framework/binfilter/bf_svx/source/items/svx_frmitems.cxx,v :Unknown command 12:34
chacha_chaudhry_ if you don't use -m default editor asks for them 12:34
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: ok 12:34
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:34
chacha_chaudhry_ Cool! So CWS is ready 12:34
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: :) 12:35
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: and now, the change should appear here : 12:35
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ chittoor 12:35
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:35
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: and later here : 12:35
ericb2 In branch, replace HEAD with cws_dev300_wae4binfilter01 12:35
ericb2 and in date check " Since the beginning of time ..." 12:36
ericb2 then click on "Run Query" 12:36
ericb2 but there is a delay ( 30 minutes to 2 hours), and I fear you cann ot see the diff before some times 12:36
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes 12:37
ericb2 that's all for the first part 12:37
ericb2 if you have questions ? 12:37
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes now I suppose I need to checkout agian and build again ? 12:38
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ chittoor 12:38
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:38
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: exact: 12:38
ericb2 1) rename your binfilter module 12:39
ericb2 2) cws -z4 co -r dev300_wae4binfilter01 binfilter 12:39
ericb2 3) apply your patches and continue to work 12:39
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: But suppose now it this case I will have to use DEV300_m21 checkout for rest. 12:39
ericb2 to create new patches : 12:39
chacha_chaudhry_ *now=>not 12:39
ericb2 I think you can go simply using binfilter. else, yes, DEV300_m21 is needed and a complete rebuild is mandatory 12:40
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ chittoor 12:40
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:40
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes saves my time :P I will anyway build later as I have some low badnwidth :( 12:41
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: sure 12:41
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: for now I will checkout this module and continue 12:41
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: yes. take care this is a big module 12:41
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes 12:41
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: and regularly, you'll have to do : cvs up inside binfilter 12:41
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: yes exactly 12:42
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: to have the new changes in your tree 12:42
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:42
ericb2 I'm sorry, I'll have to stop. Other questions ? 12:42
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Nothing important for now. Will post in ML if I get some later 12:42
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Thanks ericb2 for this wonderful session 12:43
chacha_chaudhry_  :-) 12:43
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ chittoor 12:43
chacha_chaudhry_ ChanServ 12:43
ericb2 chacha_chaudhry_: thank you :) 12:43
ericb2 the log will be available here soon : 12:44
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: Ok. Great 12:44
ericb2 exact link : 12:44
ericb2 bye all 12:45
chacha_chaudhry_ ericb2: See you, bye 12:45

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