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ESC meeting minutes July 3rd – Hamburg

  • Roundtable introduction
    • Matthias Huetsch
    • Xiuzhi Cheng (Redflag CH2000)
    • Dieter Loeschky (Sun)
    • Helen Dai (IBM)
    • Stefan Taxhet (Sun)
    • Mathias Bauer (Sun)
    • Martin Hollmichel (Sun)
    • Eric (Yong Lin) Ma (IBM)
    • Rafaella Braconi (Sun)
    • Matthias Klose (Canonical) via phone
    • Nils Fuhrmann (Sun)
    • Michael Meeks (Novell, 10.25am, via phone)

review of the ESC dashboard

(see updates within <>, owners please update your items by yourself)

  • Wiki: better search/structure – ST: a new structure has been defined, but not yet implemented)
  • Buildbot: work in progress, a Mac Buildbot
  • cws upload area, completed by Gerd Weis
  • reduce storage needed for l10n build, this will be implemented in a second step after OOo 3.0
  • language packs, dictionaries – dictionaries as extension will be avail with 3.0
  • process and tools to allow localization of wiki content: work in progress, see links in ESC_dashboard)
  • QA Unit tests : initiated unit tests for calc ( , code from testshl2 needs to be moved to external, Eric and Helen have interest in getting involved in these efforts, since these are quite important stuff.
  • Fixes on Master. Proposal has been done, Michael Meeks asked to make that proposal official and encourage developer to practice it.
  • More ways of being diverse: the patch proposal will help on this issue, Martin Hollmichel will take over the ownership of this item.
  • Modularization, independent apps: this is still open, Cheng thinks that Redflag will be able to provide a first milestone in three months.
  • Modularization, build on installed OOo, work in progress.

At 11.17 am short break to be continued 11.30 am

ESC presentation on OooCon in Beijing

Helen suggests to use a BOF to get also feedback with a following Q&A. Review of the charter: It is agreed that we can remove all the paragraphs regarding voting, since it was agreed to act on consensus. Stefan Taxhet: Is there any major stakeholder missing in this meeting? See page for updated list of members. Content of the presentation: past achievements and current activities. Matthias to provide introduction, Nils to present the dashboard, he will send out a draft of the slides until end of July. Michael Meeks suggest to add photo and short bio of each member. Nils to submit paper for the Conference. Stefan to provide a slide about structure of Community (CC, ESC, release status meeting), Michael Meeks to present the achievements of the issue patch reviews, Rene suggest to collect questions beforehand but also to be open for new questions arising during the BOF, a facilitator (e.g. Frank or Rafaella) might also be helpful. The provider of the different slides will present their slides.

follow up meeting for the preparation will be end of August, Martin to schedule meeting.

Future of the ESC. Execution vs. Discussion.

Nils raised the issue that he wouldn't like to see not just discussion on items, but also resource commitments to get those issues resolved.

There is some mismatch between assign priorities and resource commitments. If there is an item only one party is interested in and just one or no party is working on, we should remove those issues. A split into active and pending and completed issues might make sense. It should be transparent that priorities might not by a priority of the contributor group. The Dashboard should be updated one week before review (e.g. face2face) meetings and with results after the meetings.

CVS to svn migration:

we will do a trunk only migration plus migration of cws on demand, write access to old CVS-server will be switched off by the end of the year.

Time frame for the migration will be after the release candidate of OOo 3.0 Final, maintainer of boundary systems (lxr, bonsai, etc) needs to be informed

additional agenda items for Friday:

  • test coverage of automated tests
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