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Welcome to the Draft Marketing Ideas and Documents Index

If you feel the urge to write: This is the place for throwing out new ideas and refining them in the way of becoming actual tasks for the project.

  • First [Login] to the wiki
  • return to this page, [edit the section below], add a new item to the bulleted list in the form:
    * [[Page title here]] - page description in one line goes here, ended by four tildes ~~~~ so that your name appears near it
  • save it with a short description then click the new link that appears highlighted in red to start editing your new page
  • add in the first line the code for making your page belong to Category:Draft marketing ideas and materials and also a link to that category by copy/pasting the following two lines:
    [[Category:Draft marketing ideas and materials]]
    [[:Category:Draft marketing ideas and materials]]

  • add then a link to return to this page by copy/pasting this:
    [[Draft marketing documents index]]

  • then start writing below it
  • announce on dev@marketing.openoffice.org and start discussions

That is all. Have fun!! Cdriga 14:51, 5 February 2006 (CET)

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