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Insert → Footnote/Endnote provides a small dialogue to insert either a footnote or endnote, selecting between automatic numbering or custom symbols.

Enabling the Insert toolbar two buttons will be available: "Insert Footnote Directly" and "Insert Endnote Directly" that will insert the notes with the default options.

In this section we will see how to control the settings for footnotes and endnotes.

Styles Used

To control the footnotes/endnotes it is necessary to start on Tools → Footnotes/Endnotes


The options under AutoNumbering are clear, but we must emphasize that "Counting" is to select how the footnotes are numbered: with a correlative number only for the current page, for each chapter or for the whole document.

Documentation caution.png Writer recognizes a "chapter" as only the paragraph with a level 1 outline: if our "chapters" use a level 2 (because we used a level 1 for the "parts") then numbering the footnotes "by chapter" will not give the desired results.

Under "Styles" it is possible to select which paragraph styles will use the notes and which character styles will use the numbering, both for the note anchor (Text Area) and for the actual number for the note (Footnote/Endnote Area). Editing those styles it is possible to have complete control of the notes.

The option for the page style applies mainly for endnotes, because by default they are collected on a new page at the end of the document.

The option "Continuation notice" helps in situations where long footnotes needs to be broken on more than one page: it is possible to assign on the corresponding boxes symbols that will be shown to indicate that the note continues on the next page or comes from the previous one.

The Footnote Area

What percentage of the text area is used by footnotes or the line that separates the main text from the notes must be configured on the corresponding page style


Endnotes, But Not on a New Page

To avoid the endnotes going on a new page without the possibility to add content after them it is necessary to select the document content and insert it on a section: on the Footnotes/Endnotes tab for the section settings it is possible to select for the endnotes "Collect at the end of section".

Toggle Between Footnotes and Endnotes

With a right click on the footnote/endnote anchor → Footnote/Endnote we obtain


On the lower part it is possible to toggle between the two types of notes. Something important to note is that the change applies directly: it is not necessary to press  OK  to apply it. This is useful when several notes needs to be changed because with the arrows on bottom right of that window it is possible to browse between the notes without leaving the dialogue.

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