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Writer's Sidebar

We already introduced the Sidebar in the previous section on the new Apache OpenOffice user interface. The Writer sidebar consists of four decks, each with corresponding icons on the panel to the right of the sidebar. The decks are described below:

  • Properties: Contains tools for direct formatting within the document. The tools are separated into three submenus.
    • Text: Modify text by the font type, size, color, weight, style and spacing.
    • Paragraph: Style the paragraph by alignment, lists or bullets, background color, indent, and spacing.
    • Page: Format the page by orientation, margin, size, and number of columns.
Documentation note.png Note that on Writer by changing the options on this panel you'll change the page style in use, modifying not only the current page but all pages using the same page style. Read more about page styles on Writer.
  • Styles and Formatting: Manage the styles used on the document, applying existing styles, creating new ones or modifying them. This deck is also a floating toolbar that can be accessed from Format → Styles and Formatting. More about the Styles and Formatting tool in Styles on Apache OpenOffice Writer.
  • Gallery: This deck allows you to add images and diagrams included on the Apache OpenOffice library. The Gallery displays as two sections, the first lists the images by name (Arrows, Background, Diagrams, etc.) and the second displays the images on the selected category. With the  New Theme  button you can create new categories. To insert an image, or add a new image to the gallery, just drag and drop the selected image. This deck is also a floating toolbar that can be accessed from Tools → Gallery.
  • Navigator: Browse the document and reorganize its content by selecting different content categories, such as headings, tables, frames, graphics, etc. This deck is also a floating toolbar that can be accessed from View → Navigator. Learn more about the Navigator.
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