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Writer's Document Views

Writer has three document views available: Print Layout, Web Layout, and Full Screen.

To change the document view, select the View menu and choose the desired view option.

Print Layout

Print Layout is the default view. You can use the zoom slider to adjust magnification and view layout icons in the status bar to change page view. You can also choose View → Zoom to adjust view and zoom options in the Zoom & View Layout dialog box.


Web Layout

In Web Layout view you can use the zoom slider but the layout icons are disabled. The Zoom & View Layout dialog box only allows zoom options.

Full Screen

In Full Screen mode the document is displayed in the selected view (Print or Web) but the document fills the entire screen. Toolbars and sidebar are not displayed.

Press  Esc  or the Full Screen icon OO-writer-full-screen-icon.jpg to exit Full Screen mode.

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