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Apache Writer is the main word processing program of the Apache OpenOffice suite that specializes in documentation. Apache Writer has many specialized features that can create high quality, press-ready documents with quick efficiency. Some features include creating crisp graphics or easy conversion to PDF and other popular formats. All of which can be done from a great variety of platforms in Apache Writer.

Apache Writer also has a very powerful Styles feature that allows you to automate complex tasks and helps you keep consistency throughout your document, but this will be covered in the next section.

Before covering how to automate tasks or style your document we need to learn the different options for inserting content into an Apache Writer document.

Topics in this section:

  1. Writer's User Interface
  2. Writer's Sidebar
  3. Starting a New Document
  4. Opening a Document
  5. Saving a Document
  6. Closing a Document
  7. Document Views
  8. Getting Help
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