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If a user wishes to alter the behavior of their Apache OpenOffice program to better accommodate their needs they can do so through the configuration options. The user can generally access this by clicking Tools → Options. The General Options window will open showing several configuration options available. But it should be noted that the method of opening the General Options window will vary depending on the operating system. The chart below shows the commands for the operating systems supported by the Apache OpenOffice Project.

Operating System Path to Options Menu
Microsoft Windows Tools → Options
Linux Tools → Options
Mac OSX OpenOffice → Preferences

Section OpenOffice

The link below is to the main information page on the General Options for Apache OpenOffice. This includes explanations covering how to define the user data, the memory used by the program, its paths, how to define new colours, security level, appearance and more.

Main article

Section Load/Save

The link below is to the main information page covering different options for loading and saving documents, security copies, how to handle imported files and more.

Main article

Section Language Settings

The link below is to the main information page on the language for the user interface and the document, writing aids options, configuration for complex layout languages and more.

Main article

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