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For the moment, Math does not use styles: beside the default values, valid for every new Math object, the format must be set object by object. To modify the values (either the default ones or the corresponding to a single object), from a Math object we must go to the Format menu. There are several options there: Fonts, Font size, Spacing, Alignment, Text Mode. This last option is useful only on Writer to insert the Math object inline on a paragraph: it reduce the height of the expression to adapt it to the surrounding paragraph.

The Fonts menu works on a particular mode, because the categories to the left do not permit changes to their content, showing only the values set for them. To modify the fonts we must open the  Modify  button and select the element to be changed: now a window will open presenting the options to change the typeface and its attributes (bold, italic or both).

The categories are

  • Variables: the font used for every text not recognized as instruction or function.
  • Functions: the text recognized as function (exp, tan, cos...)
  • Numbers: the font used to show numbers
  • Text: the font used for text between double quotes
  • Custom fonts (serif, sans, fixed): these are extra fonts that can be called from the formula code introduced on Math.

To set the selected fonts as default for all new Math objects (those introduced before will not be affected) we need to press the  Default  button.

On the Font Size menu it is possible to set the base size, while the size for all other categories will be defined proportionally to that base size. Again, the  Default  button will set the changes as default for all the new Math objects.

On the Spacing menu, from the  Category  button it is possible to select and then modify several internal spacing options: how high the indexes must be, how separated the mathematical operators are from the rest of the expression, etc. With the cursor on each field we will see a preview for the option we are modifying.

The Alignment menu allows to select the general alignment for the expression inside the object.

Documentation note.png All these options can be modified for single elements inside a Math object using special instructions. In a different section in this guide we will return to this point.
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