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Calcs's Sidebar

While the Calc side bar includes some of the same features as the Writer sidebar, it has some unique features that we will now consider.

  • Properties
    • Text: This section is identical to the Writer except that the Calc Text section lacks a highlighter function.
    • Alignment: This section allows you to align the text in various ways. In addition to the horizontal alignment from Writer, Calc also allows vertical alignment as well. If you have a cell that has more than one line of text, with this function you can determine whether the text is aligned to the top, bottom or center of the cell. Ordinarily any text in the cell that doesn't fit within the width of the cell continues and covers other cells, unless those cells have some contents. The “wrap text” option causes the text to start a new line when it reaches the edge of the cell making the cell taller. Next is the text orientation function. This allows you to change the direction that your text flows. The vertically stacked option makes each character to form a new line of text while keeping the default text orientation.
    • Cell Appearance: This section allows you to format the appearance of the cells by defining a background color and borders.
    • Number Format: This section give a way of quickly changing the format of numbers including currency, decimals, dates or making numeric text.
  • Styles and Formatting: This deck is identical to the Writer's except that the styles are more limited. However, similar to Writer, you can add user defined styles and formatting.
  • Gallery: This deck is identical to Writer's.
  • Navigator: This deck functions similar to Writer's except that it includes Calc's unique content.
  • Functions: This deck is unique to Calc. It offers a quick way of accessing various function. At the bottom this deck, the expected format and return values are given. You can add a function into your spreadsheet either by double-clicking the name or by clicking the fx button.
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