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AutoText allows you to assign text, tables, graphics and other items to a key combination. For example, rather than typing "Senior Management" every time you use that phrase, you might just type "sm" and press F3. Or you can save a formatted Tip (like the one on this page) as AutoText and then insert a copy by typing "tip" and pressing F3.

To assign some text to an AutoText shortcut:

  1. Type the text into your document.
  2. Select the text so it is highlighted.
  3. Select Edit > AutoText (or press Control+F3).
  4. Enter a name for your shortcut. Writer will suggest a one-letter shortcut, which you can change.
  5. Click the AutoText button on the right and select New (text only) from the menu.
  6. Click Close to return to your document.
Tip.png If the only option under the AutoText button is Import, either you have not entered a name for your AutoText or there is no text selected in the document.

AutoText is especially powerful when assigned to fields. See Chapter 14 (Working with Fields) in the Writer Guide for more information.

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