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When you insert a new image or select one already present in the document, the Picture toolbar appears. This toolbar can be either floating or docked. shows what the Picture toolbar looks like when it is floating. Two other toolbars can be opened from this one: the Graphic Filter toolbar, which can be torn off and placed elsewhere on the window and the Color toolbar, which opens as a separate floating toolbar.

From these toolbars, you can apply small corrections to the graphic or obtain special effects.

Documentation note.png For more sophisticated adjustments, it is better to use an image manipulation program, such as GIMP. GIMP is an open-source graphics program which can be downloaded from

You can find out more information about the graphic filter and what its elements do by selecting the Find tab in Help (Help > Help), pressing the F1 key, or by clicking on an element that has a dialog box and selecting Help. Then, type Graphic Filter Bar into the Search term text box and press Find.

Picture toolbar

1 From File | 2 Filter | 3 Graphics mode | 4 Color | 5 Transparency | 6 Flip Horizontally | 7 Flip Vertically | 8 Graphics Properties | 9 Invert | 10 Smooth | 11 Solarization | 12 Aging | 13 Charcoal Sketch | 14 Relief | 15 Mosaic | 16 Posterize | 17 Pop Art | 18 Sharpen | 19 Remove Noise | 20 Red | 21 Green | 22 Blue | 23 Brightness | 24 Contrast | 25 Gamma

(Above) Picture toolbar plus tear-off Graphic Filter toolbar and floating Color toolbar. Note: Graphics mode (3) can be Default, Grayscale, Black/White, or Watermark.

The figure below provides examples of some of the changes available on the Picture toolbar.

Original Image Mirrored Vertically Mirrored Horizontally Light 50%
Pic1.png Pic2.png Pic3.png Pic4.png
Contrast 50% Red 50% Green 50% Blue 50%
Pic5.png Pic6.png Pic7.png Pic8.png

Some graphic effects that can be changed from the Picture toolbar

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